Stephanie Van Mechelen - 10/07/2018 - 10 July 2018

A towel holder is a real ‘must have’ in any bathroom. If you just grabbed a refreshing shower or enjoyed a relaxing bath, the obvious thing to do is to hang up your towel to dry right away. Needless to say no self-respecting kitchen can afford to go without a few towel holders. Nowadays, the range on offer is so vast that deciding which one to go for is not made any easier. So here is the full low-down on the different models.

A towel bar in the bathroom

handdoekhouder Dauby

In the bathroom, you are best off with several towel holders, enabling you to hang up all your towels. This gives you a choice of towel bars or towel hooks. Why not combine towel holders that have long and short terminal supports as seen in the photo alongside. And if you only need just the one towel holder, go for a towel ring. This particular towel ring for instance is perfect for the toilet cubicle.

handdoekring Dauby

Towel holders offer a host of benefits in the bathroom: as they are usually attached onto walls or up against cabinets, they take up a lot less space than a separate towel rack. What is more, they simply look a treat, and are certain to lend your bathroom or toilet cubicle that added touch of class.

A towel holder in the kitchen

handdoekhouder Dauby

Fitting identical or similar holders in each room will pull everything together for a harmonious feel. The fact of the matter is that towel holders are not only particularly practical in the bathroom, they work wonders in the kitchen too. Go for a two-bar or a two-button design. This will enable you to hang up two towels: one to dry your hands and one to dry the washing up. In doing so, you are not only upgrading the visual appeal of your home, you are improving hygiene conditions too.

Find the right material for you

These days, towel holders come in all sorts of shapes, styles and materials. There are towel holders that will be a perfect match for country-style homes, but design aficionados are not left wanting either. The holder’s style is determined by the material and the colour. As such, Dauby offers a choice of white bronze, mat white bronze, unpolished bronze, relic’d iron, unpolished metal and silver. A silver towel bar is better suited to a modern space, whereas bronze tones could well be a better fit for your country-style home. In a nutshell, there is plenty to cater for every taste!

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