Stephanie Van Mechelen

Curved lines, asymmetric contours, rounded corners: organic shapes are an integral part of the interiors world. They offer a sense of calm and relaxation, and add a touch of nature to your interior.

Did you know that Dauby also has beautiful interior fittings that fit seamlessly into this trend? We will put you on the right path with these 5 tips:

1. Choose furniture with organic shapes

Go for furniture with rounded edges, such as a round coffee table, or an (arm) chair with curved armrests. These additions soften the straight lines in your home and create an instant sense of calm.

2. Finish it all off with curvy accessories

A gorgeous round vase as an eye-catcher, a wall decoration with organic shapes that ‘jumps’ off the wall, or a whimsical candelabra as the cherry on the cake. Choose decorative objects with organic shapes to fill up the space and bring the outdoors indoors.

3. Add plants as an extension of your interior

Of course, in the plant world you also have endless options when it comes to organic shapes. Think of a hanging plant with curved stems, a cute Chinese Money Plant, or a succulent with rounded leaves.

4. Opt for natural materials

At Dauby, we are huge fans of natural materials. You can find these in all our interior collections; from sleek rustic to industrial.

Materials such as wood, bronze, stone, bamboo, leather and rattan can all help to create a harmonious, cohesive whole.

5. Combine with geometric Art Déco shapes

By monitoring trends closely or even creating our own, we can put our Belgian stamp on stylish door, window and furniture fittings.

We saw curved lines and organic shapes emerging in 2022 and their progress is set to continue.

The popularity of the Art Déco movement from the past few seasons certainly contributed to
this development. Geometric figures and motifs are now returning and clearly influencing the elegance and joie de vivre of this artistic evolution.

As well as the many accessories within our interiors, the larger pieces of furniture are also inspired by Art Déco, with slanted shapes, geometric lines and circles.
These often draw upon vintage pieces and serve as a nostalgic nod to unique designs with a story.

Tip: CDL (Créations du Laiton) is a collection made exclusively in unvarnished brass and includes door fittings, window levers and furniture fittings, as well as security items.

The CDL City Line collection was created by interior designers and includes several subdued, sleek models that are ideal for the interior trends of 2023. With their matt, golden tints, they create the warm and cosy atmosphere which goes hand in hand with a subdued interior.

Lovers of rustic CDF models with a brass look are sure to fall ‘head over heels’ for the CDL Country collection.

Tip: Don’t forget accessories when (re)designing your spaces! With the Pure® Plus collection, you can now find accessories in your favourite finishes so you can continue your styling through your entire house. This offers an unbelievable sense of calm in your interior. For kitchens and bathrooms, there are also accessories from Pure Plus Q: an entirely square collection. From kitchen rod to toilet roll holder; everything is available in a sleek, square design.

Want to be amazed by our unique interior fittings? Or do you have a specific question? Contact us or plan your appointment and visit our showroom.

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