Stephanie Van Mechelen

A new year always provides an opportunity for renewal, to upgrade your interiors or to look forward and make plans. For all these ambitious and creative souls, Dauby creates an annual free style guide. This is drawn up on the basis of our many years of experience, along with the expertise of our interior designers and trend-watchers. Here, you will find the latest interior trends, the most up-to-date “in” colours and the coolest interior developments for 2023.

Breaking the mould is what we do at Dauby. Not when we’re sand-casting our fittings, but we do apply this approach when coming up with new, unique concepts which stay ahead of the curve and create rather than follow the trends.

What can you expect? A guide with the latest trends, packed full of inspiration for the coming year. Ideal for browsing and enjoying the gorgeous mood photos of Dauby’s products!

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Harmony, simplicity and a warm welcome

Whereas previously, each interior trend followed on from the previous one at a hectic pace, we are now seeing a gradual shift and a demand for more sustainable methods of interior design. People want an update but would also like an interior that will last several seasons
or even years. With a tranquil base, you can easily create variety depending on the trend, the latest fashions, or changing situations, such as home-working.

So, we believe that 2023 will offer a shift ‘towards the centre’, with fewer extremes when it comes to interior styling and genres. People will choose eclectic interiors and do their best to personalise their homes and interiors.

A beautiful ton-sur-ton combined with a robust handle? A sleek interior with a rustic knob?

Elements will be combined at will and we will move away from those varied, sleek corners of the past.

Whatever style you choose, the highest priority will be harmony, simplicity and a warm welcome within an interior, where very deliberate choices have been made about products and materials.

Interior design will thus become more dynamic, practical and affordable.

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