Stephanie Van Mechelen

A new year always provides an opportunity for renewal. You might fancy upgrading your interior, or looking forward and making plans. For all these ambitious and creative souls, Dauby creates an annual free style guide.
This is created by drawing on our many years of experience, in combination with the expertise of interior designers and trend watchers.

In our style guide you will find the latest home fashions, the trendiest colours, and the most up-to-date interior trends.

Still can’t decide which door and window fittings suit your new interior?

Or just curious about the latest hype which is set to take over in the coming year? Then this style guide is for you!

What can you expect? A guide with the latest trends, packed full of inspiration for the coming year. Ideal for browsing and enjoying the gorgeous mood photos of Dauby’s products!

View the style guide 2022

Home and interior trends

There are plenty of important changes afoot when it comes to home trends. We are bidding farewell to ‘traditional’ layouts. Certain other aspects in our homes and lives (some a little unexpected) are now gaining in importance.

With respect to interior trends, we are seeing a sense of continuity. Trusted styles, which offer calm and stability, are evident. This also encompasses a pragmatic approach, particularly as our living and working situations are changing.

Interiors reflect our way of life now more than ever. A house must feel like a real home, where all the details are right.

And then, of course, there are the latest colour trends! These build upon the natural and organic trends of the past few years. But they also exercise their own particular influences on the interiors of 2022.

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