Stephanie Van Mechelen

A modern and sleek interior requires modern door handles. In Dauby’s range, all of the modern door handles are brought together within the designer category. The door handles in the designer collection really stand out due to their trendy shapes and are manufactured out of Chrome, Matt Chrome or Perla.

Door handles in striking colours

Design knows no boundaries, so your taste and creativity will set the tone! This is clear from Dauby’s extensive range of modern door handles. The Fedra HB-14 door handle is a great example of this. This stylish door handle in chrome from the designer collection will catch everyone’s eye. But the undulating, streamlined forms don’t just look amazing. The door handles lie comfortably in the hand too.

This door handle comes as standard in chrome, but is also available in other colours. Red is one of the options, as you can see here. Bring this modern door handle to the fore by using a daring colour in an otherwise subdued interior. This showcases the modern door handles and turns them into genuine eye-catchers in your interior.

Matching colour combination

The Tratto HB-14 door handle has a striking, colourful shade that is ideal for a more modern interior. Just like the Fedra, you can use it to create colourful accents in a neutral interior. But it also stands out if you match the colour to the door itself, as shown here. It is the small details which will astound your visitors.

Door handles with streamlined design.

Modern door handles don’t always have to stand out due to their colour. Sometimes, a streamlined design is enough to add a ‘designer touch’ to an interior. The Apriti door handle is the perfect example of this. No eye-catching colours or shapes, just an undulating design in stylish Perla or Chrome. As a result of the sleek design, this modern door handle is also really easy to use.


Dauby’s designer collection is full of quality items that will add a modern touch to your interior. Choose colourful door handles or stylish lines in Chrome or Perla.

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