The Bauhaus Academy

In 1919, in Weimar (Germany), architect Walter Gropius from Berlin founded the Bauhaus Academy for plastic artists, craftsmen and architects.

Because of its innovative character, this academy had such an influence that today, the Bauhaus is world-famous and recognised as an architectural stream.

It was back then that many design objects, like the well-known Wagenfeld lamp WG24 or the Bauhaus chair were developed. These designs are still immensely popular today, which proves they are timeless!

Industrial design

With Bauhaus, the concept Industrial Design was created. This design focuses on functionality and simple shapes, enabling industrial mass production.

The typical Bauhaus style is a trendy one and was designed especially for machine production processes.
In Dauby’s Pure® collection, you will find such typical Bauhaus models as the PH1920, the PH1925+, the PH1928 and the PH1930.
These are all made by hand and cast in sand moulds to add a touch of uniqueness.


Typical Bauhaus designs

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