Stephanie Van Mechelen - 11/07/2018 - 11 July 2018

Your carefully chosen kitchen cupboards and work surface will really stand out in all their beauty if you complement them with a magnificent backsplash. Trendy materials such as glass and composite are a modern alternative to typically small-sized ceramic tiles, even though timeless backsplashes made out of natural stone are still an established favourite in the kitchen.  But don’t forget: there is yet another heat-resistant material to give your backsplash a distinctive and even better prestige. Read on to learn all about bronze and metallic tiles and their authentic aura.

Pure Tiles: metallic kitchen tiles by Dauby

Pure Tiles is an exclusive collection of bronze and metallic tiles with a unique character. We can put their authentic appearance down to the traditionally crafted manner by which they, just like Dauby’s window, door and furniture fittings, are manufactured. Old Iron, White Bronze, Mat White Bronze, Raw Bronze or Raw Metal is cast in a sand mould of 10 x 10 cm or 10 x 20 cm. Then, every tile is finished off by hand, with characteristic imperfections as a result.

Tip: Dreaming of an even more harmonious kitchen interior? Choose your Pure Tiles in the same material as your cupboard fittings.


Heat-resistant and easy to maintain

Is all that beauty easy to maintain, you ask? For sure, and the bronze and metallic tiles are also heat resistant. Cooking fluid, spitting fat, left-overs that stick to your beautiful backsplash, … Your Bronze and metallic kitchen won’t get ruined no matter what’s cooking. You can clean them easily with a soft cloth and water with a drop of vinegar. It’s best not to use aggressive cleaning products.

Metallic tiles will look more beautiful through the years

When brand new, bronze and metallic kitchen tiles are a beautiful asset to your kitchen, to say the least. But because Pure Tiles are made of natural materials in the traditional way, they get a unique patina and become even more stunning as time passes.

Pure Tiles are available in many versions. Flick through the catalogue and discover them all!

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