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Caution! This is a living product!

One of the properties of the natural materials Dauby uses is patination. The colour gradations will become more intense as you use the fitting (or not, as the case may be). This living finish gives your product a superb, authentic character. A material that lives!

Just like a bronze statue that is always touched in the same place, the tints in a Dauby product will also change. For instance, take the knob on the sweets cupboard and the same knob on the cupboard with the posh table service; after a while, you’ll see which is used most.

So when choosing new door and furniture fittings, it is important to find out how the material will evolve.

Dauby works with various types of bronze and has recently added two new ones: Raw Bronze and Matt White Bronze. Become a trendsetter and use these unique materials in your home!

New finishes call for an update of the materials file.

deurklink Dauby patina

White Bronze is an alloy of bronze in which some of the copper is replaced by tin and zinc. The material is both colourfast and rustproof, which means that no protective layer, such as wax, lacquer or varnish, is necessary. The silvery colour will take on a matt corrosion layer due to oxidation, but there is only a slight colour difference. The oxidation period differs in each case and depends on environmental factors such as air quality, humidity, etc.


Has a deposit on the fitting made it a little duller? You can restore its original appearance in a trice with a soft cloth and/or silver polish, although an older look is often more attractive.

Satin White Bronze is the same alloy as white bronze but already has a lovely, matt patina from the outset. As it is used, the material is gently polished and takes on a slight gloss..


Natural Bronze (NB) or Light Bronze (LB), on the other hand, are not colourfast. Oxidation results in a matt, slightly darker patina. The patina is in fact a protective layer on the bronze and depends on environmental factors such as air quality, humidity, etc. The bronze will only take on a dark brown tint after decades. On the other hand, the material will be polished again and again, simply by being used! The more you touch the material, the faster the corrosion layer disappears.

Would you prefer to keep the original look? Polish the patina using a soft cloth and copper polish and the original gloss will reappear.


Dark Bronze (DB) (AZ), and Verde Imperiale (VI)/Old Green (OG) is a natural bronze that has already gone through the oxidation process. The bronze is given a dark brown to green patina from the outset. In places where the product is often touched, the material will be polished and the original light colour of the bronze will re-emerge. This creates a superb colour gradation and lends your product that extra cachet.

Raw Bronze is the purest form of bronze, an alloy of copper and tin. Raw Bronze is both colour-fast and corrosion free, so it doesn’t require a protective layer. This rough form of bronze comes with warm, copper-like colours. To offer the bronze in the Pure® collection its rough look, a special technique was developed. The casting remains are removed, but the item is not polished. After some time, the bronze will have a shiny look, since the metal will be polished naturally.

Dauby Pure PBU45 Raw Bronze

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