Stephanie Van Mechelen - 12/07/2018 - 12 July 2018

Do you want to add an extra something to your doors and windows? Then a bolt is the answer. Bolts immediately give your doors and windows a totally different look. Find out here how best to incorporate them into your interior.

All kinds of door bolts


A door bolt offers many aesthetic benefits. It is not advisable to use a bolt, which needs no key, as a lock. If you don’t want to jeopardize your safety, it is best to choose combination of door fitting and a door bolt. The security rose on your door fitting ensures that intruders don’t have a chance while the door bolt adds a stylish touch.

raamgrendel chroom Dauby

Nowadays, door bolts are available in all kinds of style, type and size which, of course, doesn’t make the choice any easier. Do you live in a modern interior? Then you are best looking at bolts from a designer collection, such as the bolt in the photo. This elegant chrome bolt adds value to any door. Do you prefer a country or antique style? Then a bolt from our retro collection is ideal. This robust bolt is made of wrought iron, which brings out the authentic look perfectly.

Choose matching window bolts

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Not just door bolts: you can, of course, also fit a bolt to your windows. A window bolt is also no substitute for a lock, but adds attractive esthetic value. Make sure to choose window bolts that match your current window fittings to create an appealing look. Would you like extra security for your windows at night but not a fan of roller shutters? Outward-opening shutters might well be the answer. And you can fit great bolts to them. Functionality and esthetics go hand in hand.

Maintenance of bolts

If you choose a bolt in a high-quality material, you can maintain your bolts perfectly without the need for lots of work. With most materials, all you need to do is dust the bolt with a dry cloth.

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