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A layered blend of modest, Japanese minimalism and the pure cosiness of Danish hygge? Welcome to Japandi! This new design trend is perfect for those who love sleek lines, functionality and light, cosy spaces. Discover the latest style offering the best of both worlds!


Japan and Scandinavia; miles from each other geographically but a stylistic match made in heaven, and the new trend is the perfect fusion of the two.

Japandi builds upon the well-known wabi-sabi and aims to create the ultimate sense of ‘zen’ in your interior. Add a little warmth, homeliness and well-being from the high north and you have Japandi. With dark days and months all around, everyone’s home could use a little extra cosiness!

Japandi interieur bij Fabriek 61

Japandi: features

The Japandi style stands out due to the use of natural materials such as light wood and concrete, to create sleek, Japanese lines and organic shapes. The Scandinavians then add the warm colours and rich materials. Think of:

  • light, earthy shades;
  • terracotta;
  • soft pink;
  • cream;
  • velvet;
  • plush fabrics.

The Japandi interior is bursting with functional minimalism and a warm welcome; it is a style that exudes simplicity. No complex combinations and crazy colour or patterns, just a reassuring sense of serenity.

Japandi at home

Introduce the Japandi style at home with the PQ35-furniture pulls and the PMQ-furniture pulls in Raw Bronze for the ideal combination of styled design and warm, natural materials.

Another way to create the Japandi style at home is to use tiles. The right tiles immediately create a minimalistic, sleek look. Try the metal tiles from Pure Tiles for the kitchen or bathroom and see for yourself how a tile wall or accent can transform a space.

Choose Japandi styling with a metal that suits your interior in line with existing colours or materials. This could include warm colours such as Raw Bronze or Raw Metal. You can thus create a warm, welcoming interior but keep things minimalistic.

Organic, natural materials also work really well in this setting. The PBU-45 from the Pure-collection or the C-62 from the Giara-collection would look fantastic.

Japandi meubelbeslag van Giara in Natuur Brons

Japandi or something else entirely? See our website for other styles and materials and draw inspiration from our inspiration guide.

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