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With all of our end-of-year lists at the ready, it’s a great time to look to the future. And at Dauby, in our role of trendsetter, we’re more than happy to look at the future of door, window and furniture fittings.

When it comes to interior trends for 2020, there are a few hangers-on and several newcomers.

Want to know more? Below, you will find the six highlights which will undoubtedly turn 2020 into a stylish year!

Interior trend #1: Wabi Sabi

An interior trend which emerged last year, and which will continue to gain ground in 2020, is Wabi Sabi.

This centuries-old, Japanese philosophy focuses on the following features:

  • Imperfections in your home;
  • ‘Oneness’ with nature;
  • The beauty of ageing.

Interieurtrends 2020: Wabi Sabi - Serge Anton

Wabi Sabi is also an interiors trend that brings calm to your home and strives to achieve this balance using authentic materials and products.

This is music to Dauby’s ears, of course, given that we focus on using natural materials and traditional production processes.

The fact that our door, window and furniture fittings are crafted by hand and cast in sand moulds gives them a grainy surface with the odd small imperfection, here and there.

Our natural materials are also known for their living finish: the older the fitting gets, the more intense the colour variations and the more beautiful the result. A product that lives will always be at home in the Dauby collection!

Interior trend #2: metal tiles

A second interior trend from 2019 that will stay hot in 2020, is industrial design.

If you’re a huge fan of this trend and want to style your accessories in a completely original way, our Pure tiles collection will certainly be ‘your thing’! These bronze and metal tiles can be used to create a splash-back in the kitchen or integrated in the kitchen island for a refreshing and stylish effect. Or how about a metal shower wall in your bathroom? See what you can come up with.

Interieurtrends 2020: Pure Tiles tegels - Nicky Goossens

Different colour combinations are possible with the six designs. There are also two sizes available: 10x10cm and 10x20cm.

Interior trend #3: time to shine

Want Paris chic or festive glamour all year round? Then you’ll love the interior trend of Natural Bronze and Raw Bronze Polished!

Dauby, with its Giara collection, has been creating elegant bronze products which add a touch of class to your home for generations. The products are manufactured using traditional methods and offer a natural and unfinished effect, in line with all of today’s ecological standards.

Natural Bronze is the purest form of bronze and incorporates warm coppery tints.

Raw Bronze Polished, from the Pure and Pure Plus collection is the polished version of Raw Bronze and offers a shiny, smooth, coppery finish. With the passing of time, this will take on a patina which creates a more matte, warmer bronze; super stylish and shiny!

Interieurtrends 2020: Raambeslag in Ruw Brons Gepolijst - Valerie Brems

Interior trend #4: the concrete look

The stunning concrete look is set to continue as an interior trend for 2020. Raw Metal from the Pure line, is ideal in this context; a robust, rust-free metal alloy with grey tints instantly adds an industrial, concrete look to your interior.

Traditionally cast in moulds and finished by hand, this type of fitting offers characteristic imperfections and the authentic look that will be sought-after in the new year. The concrete look and designs combine beautifully with:

  • natural stone
  • raw, unfinished beams
  • other, typically industrial elements.

Interieurtrends 2020: betonlook - Hoogehuys Kessenkich Kinrooi

Interior trend #5: black accents

This has been a ‘hit’ in many sleek, contemporary interiors for many years and is set to continue into the new year. Black accents are still a highlight!

Interieurtrends 2020: zwarte accenten - Lommers Meubelen

So add them into your home in 2020 with our window, door and furniture fittings in the following finishes:

Black interior fittings will always look sleek, robust and classic and complement a range of styles and interiors.

Interior trend #6: durable and understated interior fittings

For 2020, we are also seeing the trend of durable and understated fittings. The top quality, natural materials from the Pure collection are perfect in this context.

The traditional production process using sand moulds is a central feature and showcases materials such as rust (cdf) and various patinas in bronze (green bronze, dark bronze, natural bronze, raw bronze).

The Giara, Fama and Pure collections reflect these characteristics and offer natural materials and warm shades for a natural home look!

Interieurtrends 2020: duurzaam en sober interieurbeslag - Hoogehuys Kessenkich Kinrooi

Ready to harmonise your interior with the trends for 2020? Think about the details too, such as matching window, door and furniture fittings. See our range to gain inspiration or find a distributor near you!

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