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In these uncertain times, it is hard to look to the future. Nevertheless, trend-watchers have dared to look ahead so they can cheer us all up with the interior trends for 2021. Discover the new trendy colours, materials and styles, and make your plans for a new interior in 2021. Once you know what’s coming, there’ll be no stopping you! Our interior professionals talk and Dauby listens, and pays attention!

Absolute interior trend 2021: biophilic design

‘Biophilic design’?! Sounds dangerous … But it is less medical than you may think. It simply means ‘a love for natural forms’ in design-terms.

In contrast to more industrial, sleeker shapes, in 2021 it is high time to shine the spotlights on rounded, natural forms too. This could include:

  • bulbous lamps
  • S-shaped chairs
  • flowing door fittings

Most definitely a significant interior trend in 2021!

Interieurtrends: ronde, natuurlijke vormen

Photo: Robbert Lagerwij Interior Design

Tip from Dauby: The PBU-45 from the Pure collection or the C62 from the Giara collection are a perfect match for the biophilic design trend. Or how about undulating door handles in Dark Bronze, Natural Bronze or Silvered White Bronze?

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Interieurtrends 2021: biophilic design

Statement pieces and the power of colour

Although there are many interior trends which can be used individually, there is also a whole range of eclectic styles which can be applied to various types of interior. At House of Porters, classic, previously timeless interiors are combined with bright colours and fabrics, and this will also be the case in 2021. This could include:

  • bright yellow combined with red and blue
  • petrol blue with green or even red

According to Pieter Porters, this is all down to a new generation of forty and fifty-year olds and adventurers who love to travel the globe. That’s precisely why they depart from traditional Flemish styles and embrace eclectic statement pieces.

Particular favourites include authentic Eastern and African items, Flemish and French objects or English pieces in mahogany. The new generations love a light interior but with bright colours, combined with an international look & feel with sizeable, ornamental items instead of sundry smaller pieces.

Photo: Hemels Wonen

Tip from Dauby: The bronze door fittings from Dauby are a genuine eye-catcher and are perfect for eclectic interiors which often play with colour. Bronze combines beautifully with green, ochre yellow or marsala red.


A sustainable world and the corresponding concerns have certainly had an impact on interior trends too. In 2021, designers are seeking the perfect marriage between an elegant interior and a cleaner environment, and making this accessible to all.

As a result of the coronavirus, people have begun to realise just how important an interior is, and how vital it is to feel comfortable in the spaces where you pass your time. Because many of our recreational opportunities have been removed, it has become essential to ensure our homes are welcoming for everyone in the bubble, according to Nicky Goossens. People are therefore opting for sustainable, quality products to complete their interiors.

Natural products and woven fabrics with a rich texture are also part of the interior trends for 2021. They offer an instant feel-good factor, a sense of well-being at home in a space you can trust, surrounded by simple, timeless and authentic products. Terracotta, bronze and plaster are all perfectly at home with this trend, according to Kate Hume.

Photo: Serge Anton

Tip from Dauby: Did you know that all our Dauby fittings are sustainable and easy to recycle? The authentic, pure materials used by Dauby:

  • fulfil this demand for sustainable fittings;
  • last for many years;
  • and can also be fully recycled, if necessary.

Every product is solid, very high quality and also easy to maintain. So you can be sure of many years of enjoyment from your window handles, door levers or furniture fittings.

No two hand-made products are the same; in fact, every single item is entirely unique! Products which are manufactured according to traditional methods, which haven’t changed in 1,000 years, are simultaneously sustainable and also full of life.

Duurzaam meubelbeslag keuken

Photo: Taurus & Eagle

Interior trends: old favourites

Interior trends that have been around for a while include styles from the high north: Scandinavian interiors use a range of light wood varieties, combined with plenty of white and open spaces. Scandinavian styling is ideal for Belgian tastes and will continue to play a significant role in the interior trends of 2021.

The industrial trend will also sustain its huge popularity, with its raw, industrial elements and robust, loft-based look. Pieter Porters refers to this as the ‘Ruin style’, with raw, unfinished elements, and predicts huge demand for this type of ‘laissez-faire’ approach to interiors next year. Steel accents, warm yellow colours and bronze elements against a black backdrop are also perfect for our interiors in 2021, according to Marinus. We may not necessarily want bigger homes, but we certainly want added luxury.

Tip from Dauby: All of Dauby’s furniture fittings are manufactured using traditional processes, by craftsmen. Every handle or knob is first cast in sand moulds and then finished by hand. The finish creates the characteristic, slightly grainy structure that gives the products their specific character. These tiny imperfections in Dauby’s hand-made fittings make them the ideal addition to the weathered look of industrial materials. Raw Metal, for example, is perfect for use with the raw, concrete look. 

Meubelbeslag in een industrieel interieur

Photo: Aterlier Op Zolder (AOZ)

A brand new interior trend: Japandi

A fresh newcomer to the interior trends landscape in 2021 is the concept of Japandi: Japan’s minimalism intertwined with smart, Scandinavian functionality. A real must-have for fans of sleek interiors who currently spend a great deal of time at home, working from their home offices.

Pieter Porters believes that, in 2021, no matter what their interiors look like, people will start to consider how they can make improvements. The bathroom will be designed so that it becomes more of an experience, bedrooms and bathrooms will no longer be regarded as rooms for sleeping and washing but as spaces that make you feel at home. Dining rooms will take a back-seat and the kitchen will become a living space with a large table for friends, family and (at the moment, at least) Zoom-meetings.

Japandi taps into a demand for interiors that suit our times, and which are simultaneously timeless, functional and sustainable.

This interior trend translates into the perfect mix of form and function, with sleek lines, soft colours and light rooms. And it’s completely lockdown-proof!

Tip from Dauby: From the Dauby range, the PQ35, PMQ furniture pulls, and the new series PH2017 suit this new Japandi trend perfectly.

Japandi: deurbeslag in Wit Brons

Foto: Frank Gruwez, Fotografie: Jaro van Meerten (The Art of Living)

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