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In times when hygiene and safety have become especially important, Dauby would like to contribute towards ensuring a healthy environment.

Together with a team of experts, we are researching which materials and coatings are the safest options for our interior fittings when it comes to hygiene.

A solution for a stylish interior, as you would expect, but with a bit of added safety for this challenging and changing world.

Based on antibacterial copper

One of the best choices with respect to interior fittings with antibacterial properties is, without doubt, bronze interior fittings. Bronze contains a high percentage of copper, a metal with genuine, antibacterial superpowers!

Even in ancient Egypt, they knew about the amazing properties of copper! The Egyptians used copper in their bronze swords and medication in order to help wounds heal quickly and prevent infection. In China and India too, copper was often used in ancient medicines and it is still used in Ayurvedic treatments even today. Did you know that wine producers in France spray their vines with copper sulphate and lime (Bordeaux mixture) in order to protect them from mildew?

Copper’s antibacterial properties are already tried-and-tested. More recently, it was discovered that when bacteria ends up on copper as a result of contact, coughing or sneezing, copper ions are released. These ions are absorbed by the bacteria, cause serious damage to them and, ultimately, destroy the DNA and RNA from inside-out. A copper surface will eliminate 90 percent of bacteria!

Antibacterial bronze interior fittings

The fact that bronze is an alloy of tin and copper makes it the first choice for all your frequently used interior fittings which would benefit from an antibacterial coating .

Bronze is also available in our PureĀ®collection, to provide the best choice in terms of safety.

But Giara also offers interior fittings in bronze, with a copper content of 90 percent!

The Italian foundry also has antibacterial finishes for the sleek RDS and KLEIS collections, created by well-known designers.

By means of the antibacterial finish or coating (ABF-label), they can add an antibacterial coating to all the finishes in the collection, including Chrome, Brass, Black, etc.

So, you don’t need to choose between safety and design!

Frascio antibacterial coating

The top designers from Frascio are also producing their own antibacterial coating for interior fittings: NO BACT. This coating guarantees a high degree of protection with antibacterial silver ions on all their products. In the collection, the NO BACT-coating is already available in the finishes Anthracite, London Night Bright and Matt Black.

Other finishes, however, are available on request.

The NO BACT-coating is permanent and will be retained for the life of the product, without any special treatments and without altering the product finish. You just need to clean with a damp cloth.

Frascio guarantees the antibacterial coating for 10 years.

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Any more questions about the various options or would you like more information? Feel free to contact the Dauby-team; we will be happy to help!

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