Stephanie Van Mechelen

A successful style mix? In 2024, we see the unpolished charm of the industrial style often being matched with warmer touches. Find out how the characteristic, unfinished materials are making way for added cosiness.

Tips for a cosier industrial interior

Industrial spaces are often enriched with warm accents to create a harmonious balance between the cool industrial elements and an inviting ambience.

The key to this transformation?

  • Using soft, richly textured fabrics such as velvet and wool.
  • Add warm colour palettes with earthy shades.
  • Integrate wooden interior accents.

The perfect finishing touch for your warm, industrial interior.

The materials used for our products, such as Raw Bronze or Raw Metal, are also a beautiful addition to an industrial interior. Natural, warm materials which only become more beautiful as they are used, thanks to the living finish.

The centuries old production process also adds small imperfections to the surface of your drawer pull, knob or handle.

The result? An industrial but warm and welcoming environment where unpolished and more refined elements are beautifully blended. This evolution of the industrial style reflects a growing need for comfort and cosiness. But without compromising on the unpolished aesthetics that make this style so appealing.

A warm, industrial style for your interior?

At Dauby, we endeavour to supply top quality products while also anticipating the latest trends in interiors.

Find out more about the options and bring the industrial style 2.0, with a warm twist, to your living space.

Need help adding warmth to your industrial interior? Contact us: our interior experts will be happy to help.

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