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Want to update or renovate your bathroom? Give a bit of extra thought to finding just the right bathroom accessories. The days when bathrooms were purely functional are luckily behind us. Today’s bathrooms are an extension of your interior; a place to relax and enjoy a genuine moment of wellness.

But do you have to use exclusive marble or exotic wood varieties? No you don’t; great bathroom accessories with the right look is all it takes!

Natural and top-quality bathroom accessories

The fact that perfection lies in the details only becomes clear when you choose top-quality and natural bathroom accessories. Not everyday materials or designs which are sold in bulk.

When we are developing our collections, we opt for innovative designs and use only exclusive and natural materials that are manufactured according to age-old sand-casting methods.

This casting process in sand moulds gives our bathroom accessories a grainy surface with small imperfections. This creates a hand-crafted look for each original piece.

The unique items are then hand finished. Alongside innovative designs, we also choose authentic forms and love to work according to our customers’ and professionals’ requirements.

Pure® Plus, a creative line of kitchen, toilet and bathroom accessories

The Pure® Plus-line was created in response to requests by several interior designers. As well as door handles, furniture knobs and handles, they also needed practical accessories in the same style as the Dauby retro-collections.

After all, why would you regard practical accessories as less important in your interior?

The bathroom accessories from the Pure® plus line fulfil these needs.

This collection includes standard articles, such as a toilet roll holder or a towel rail, but also offers each item separately so that you can create an article that is customised to your needs.

The Pure® plus line is available in 6 different finishes. This offers everyone the freedom to choose bathroom accessories with the perfect look and feel!

  • Aged Iron
  • Raw Metal;
  • White Bronze;
  • Satin White Bronze;
  • Raw Bronze;
  • Raw Bronze Polished.

Another advantage? Pure® Plus fits into every interior style; rustic, sleek, classic or industrial.

Pure® Plus Q: bathroom accessories for fans of minimalist design

Do you have a soft spot for sleek designs and minimalist shapes? Then our latest collection is definitely for you: Pure® Plus Q!

In the Pure® Plus Q-collection, all of the bathroom accessories involve square designs, for lovers of a sleek and minimalist design.

Go for an industrial bathroom with accessories by Dauby

Original concrete floors, authentic brick walls with an uneven, robust subsurface, bathroom accessories in metal, steel or bronze… Each and every one is the perfect basis for an industrial bathroom!

After all, an industrial bathroom no longer hides raw and unfinished building materials but instead proudly integrates them into the whole. Even down to the smallest details!

Old buildings such as lofts, factories and workshops are rich in these raw, somewhat darker and un-worked elements, which means they lend themselves perfectly to being converted into an industrial home.

But does that then mean you can’t create an industrial bathroom in a new-build home? Of course not.

It’s very easy to give your new bathroom an industrial look by:

  • integrating bathroom accessories in raw metal or raw bronze into your interior. Dauby has a variety of accessories in its range, all of which are corrosion-free, making them perfect for use in your bathroom;
  • creating other accents using steel, bronze or metal. Consider integrating your door, window and furniture fittings using one of these raw metals;
  • having a concrete floor laid;
  • choosing wooden furniture.

After all, the power of an industrial interior is that the design is rugged, habitable and functional at the same time. This makes the trend accessible to all homes.

Looking for bathroom accessories in raw materials which give your bathroom an industrial touch? The Pure® Plus-collection is a must-have for fans of the industrial genre.


The right accessories for retro bathrooms and toilets

Looking for retro bathroom and toilet accessories? The Pure® Plus collection is a great choice. The collection has all you need to give a lift to a classic bathroom or toilet: from hooks through towel holders to toilet brushes.

Want to take your bathroom to a higher level using our bathroom accessories? Take a look and discover our collections, or contact Dauby and their professionals will be happy to help!

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