Now that we’re all accustomed to working from home, we are realising just how important it is to feel good in the spaces in which we live and work. A beautiful, inspiring workplace is not only pleasant, it will also increase productivity and your ability to concentrate. Add a touch of glamour to your home office? Yes we can!

Setting up your home office for greater productivity

Whereas you have very few options with the décor and layout at work, in your home office you can do what you like. And that’s great news! Not just because you were never a great fan of the glum interior at your office, but also because you can use styling to boost your mood and productivity.

You can choose colours to evoke emotions, a specific behaviour or a sensation. Did you know, for example, that orange motivates and fosters creativity, focus and attention to detail? Or that blue summons up innovation, feels refreshing and calm and is associated with reliability? Green is often used to create a relaxed, positive atmosphere.

You can also focus on the smaller details in your home office, so you feel completely in your element. If all of the details complement one another, it creates a sense of peace and harmony. So choose window, door and furniture fittings that fit in with the rest of the room.

A few tips?

  • Match your desk handles with your window levers, or choose the same type of metal as your door fittings.
  • Choose bronze shades for your furniture fittings in rooms with warm colours.
  • Go for sleek, black furniture pulls on cabinets and play with the lines in the rest of the room.

At Dauby, you can choose from rustic, timeless , modern or classic window, door and furniture fittings.

A space that complements your home’s existing interior and a home-working area where you can do your own thing, in harmony with the rest of the space, will give a real boost to your productivity!

Set-up and update

Although not everybody has a separate space to use as a home office, other living areas such as the kitchen or lounge can serve just as well as a home-working area. A large kitchen table or island can function as a highly effective desk.

Bit fed up with your kitchen and feel like it’s time to give it a bit of an update? It’s easy and there doesn’t have to be any major work; just a good eye for detail!

In your kitchen, you can ensure your furniture fittings perfectly coordinate with your window and door fittings, to add a stylish, finishing touch to your new workplace.

Or maybe it’s time for a new, trendy splashback using metallic tiles from Pure® Tiles, behind your hob. A genuine eye-catcher which will transform your kitchen! You could make this the centre-point of your kitchen by blending various metals, or create harmony and choose a metal that complements the rest of your kitchen.

Or how about new details such as a towel rail from the Pure® Plus collection, in the same material as your handles and bars on the cabinets and drawers? Minimal effort with maximum impact!

Thinking of updating your kitchen or giving your home office a bit of an upgrade with matching door, window and furniture fittings? Go to for inspiration and advice!

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