Stephanie Van Mechelen - 04/06/2019 - 04 June 2019

Inspired by the nostalgic country cottage, the rustic style is an interior trend that never loses its popularity. Do you too love to tuck yourself up nicely in this cosy, warm style?
Then don’t forget your hinges and handles to complete the effect!

Rustic style in your home

A rustic style is unmistakable the moment you walk in the door: it exudes a nostalgic calmness and homeliness.

A rustic style is also characterised by the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, wool, linen, wicker, cotton and metal. It really appeals to the senses.

The natural materials are typically found not only in the home itself but also in the decoration.
For example, think of:

  • wooden beams
  • a wood or stone floor
  • a table made from a tree trunk or other rough, unprocessed furniture.


The following accessories also give your interior that rustic touch:

  • large wooden fruit bowls
  • sheepskins
  • wicker baskets
  • wooden boxes holding plants
  • matching hinges and handles made of metal


Authenticity and outdoor life are paramount!

Hinges and handles in rustic style

If you are a complete fan of the cottage style, you will already have been working with different materials and accessories. But have you considered choosing a rustic style for your hinges and handles?

After all, it is the small details that make your home perfect, and super-modern hinges and handles would be completely out of keeping with a rustic style.

At Dauby, we work exclusively with traditional metals. This means our hinges and handles perfectly match any rustic interior.

Moreover, all our hinges and handles are made with true craftsmanship using an ancient method. We use a technique dating from 5000 BC in which every part is cast in a sand mould and then finished and patinated entirely by hand.

The alloys we use also date back to antiquity: bronze, Britannia metal, white bronze, silver, tin, brass, etc.

Are you more of a fan of hinges and handles in a rust colour? We can supply those too.
We give fittings made of wrought iron a characteristic aged look by rusting it in a natural way. We also treat the fittings with beeswax for optimum protection and durability.

Hang en sluitwerk in roest van Dauby

You can also choose between a rough, matt or polished finish, all perfectly in keeping with the rustic style, each with their own touch. After all, we dive back into history to give every type of fitting the unique and authentic look and feel you want to achieve. The rustic appearance and quality is therefore truly rooted in every single item.

The CDF and Giara collections: rustic hinges and handles with style!

If you are looking for hinges and handles that perfectly match a rustic interior style, the CDF and Giara collections are made just for you.

Créations du Fer

Créations du Fer (CDF) produces hinges and handles in wrought or cast iron and takes old, original models as their template. 

Every item is finished by hand and is therefore unique! The cast iron rust version is rusted in a natural way and then treated with beeswax.

Any handle in the Créations du Fer line can be combined with any rose. This enables you to create a truly exclusive fitting in harmony with the rustic style.

Giara collection

A rustic style with a modern appearance is what the Giara collection is all about.

Giara has been making elegant bronze products, that are ideal for hinges and handles in Britannia metal or bronze, for generations. Both materials are corrosion-resistant and varnish-free and acquire a lovely natural patina with use.

This authentic appearance therefore makes the Giara collection perfect to add the finishing touch to your rustic interior.


Would you like to find out more about rustic interiors and the various options for hinges and handles or door and window fittings available from Dauby? Then have a look at our website or come and visit our showroom!

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