Stephanie Van Mechelen

A day of antique shopping or rummaging around at a flea-market? Lovely! Original and retro pieces are a striking feature in any interior, particularly if you want to add a personal touch.

Have you ever thought of adding hand-made knobs or handles to your furniture? Even that old cabinet that your great-aunt gave you will suddenly look really trendy!

Retrofit using traditional cabinet knobs and handles

If you have found a lovely cabinet which could use a makeover, there are a few options:

  1. A few knobs or handles are missing. Replace all of the knobs and handles to ensure uniformity;
  2. Cabinet knobs and handles are damaged. You are better off replacing all of the furniture fittings;
  3. The cabinet has never had handles. To give it a retro look, you can easily add a few traditional knobs or handles.

Need a little inspiration regarding knobs or handles? Take a look at our different collections. In our retro range you will almost certainly find a few products to go with your new purchase.


Our cabinet knobs and handles are all traditionally manufactured by hand. As a result, they look original on your vintage unit and are ideal for adding a touch of retro to your new purchase!

A new look with new knobs or handles

Prefer to start with a clean slate? Then why not sand and paint your new piece of furniture in a new pastel colour, for example, or off-white. Give free rein to your creativity!


You can really breathe new life into your furniture by replacing all of the cabinet knobs and handles.

Which look do you fancy? The furniture fittings determine the style of the object:

Ruw Brons Gepolijst

No matter the style and look of your furniture unit, you must ensure that overall it is . So don’t add a delicate knob to a chunky drawer or a knob with a beautiful shape which is actually quite hard to use.

Would you like a cabinet knob instead of a handle for a heavy drawer? Then why not use two?

Try different styles and see what looks best and is most practical!

Unique furniture fittings for personality

There’s nothing quite as nice as completely personalising an object.

By choosing furniture fittings from Dauby, you can be sure that every item is unique!

The Retro range by Dauby is also entirely hand-made and cast using traditional methods. First, the metal is poured into sand moulds, a technique that was in use 3000 years before Christ, and then the product is processed by hand. The casting process in sand moulds ensures that the fitting has a grainy surface and also has small imperfections. As a result, each piece is unique and offers a crafted, aged look.

Productieproces Dauby

Every article is manufactured with love and, over time, it will acquire a natural patina which just gets better with age. The older the knob or handle, the more beautiful the product becomes.
This gives the Dauby collections an authentic and timeless character and enables us to distinguish ourselves from mass-produced items. Perfect for upgrading your furniture!

Want to breathe new life into your furniture too with hand-made door knobs or handles? Take a look at our website for our full range of furniture fittings. You can also send us a few photographs of the result so that we can share them on social media!

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