Stephanie Van Mechelen - 12/07/2018 - 12 July 2018

No one can escape cleaning his or her house from time to time. Even doors get dirty after a while and need a wipe down. Luckily, this takes little time and effort with our tips for door maintenance.

Cleaning doors: how often?

If you really want a clean house, you’ll have to tackle your doors at least once a month. Probably only a few households will achieve this goal. An efficient approach, however, can help you keep everything clean with less effort.

Thoroughly cleaning all the doors in your house will take one to one and a half hours.

Tools for cleaning doors

To clean your doors, you need:

  • a bucket of hot water
  • multipurpose cleaner
  • a non-fuzzy dishcloth
  • a household ladder
  • a drawer and shammy (only if your doors have windows)

How to clean doors

  • Close every door in your house.
  • Add some multipurpose cleaner to the bucket.
  • Dip the dishcloth in the bucket and wring it carefully. Make sure it still feels a little moist.
  • Open the first door you want to clean and rub it with the dishcloth, from top to bottom.
  • Don’t forget the top of the door. Most of the dirt collects up there.
  • Leave the door open to dry.
  • Move on to the next door. It is impossible to pick the wrong one. All the doors that have been cleaned, are open.
  • Open a window to air the house and dry the doors.
  • Rinse the dishcloth and tidy up.

Don’t forget the door handles!

Door handles (link) deserve some extra attention. They are touched very often, so they need to be cleaned thoroughly from time to time, to get rid of all the bacteria. In most cases, kitchen paper drenched in cleaning alcohol will do the trick. Be careful: not all materials are resistant to cleaning alcohol. Be sure to ask your supplier in advance for the best way to clean your door handles.

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