Stephanie Van Mechelen

Dreaming of installing a brand new kitchen? Is your old kitchen in need of a make-over ? We’re sure you have the color of your kitchen cabinets and the material for your kitchen worktop all picked out – and those kitchen chairs you saw in that interior magazine were to die for! But make no mistake: unless you give the finer details plenty of thought too, your dream kitchen ends up no more special than any other kitchen. The effect furniture fittings have on your kitchen’s look is not to be underestimated.

Treat your kitchen to authentic furniture fittings

Dauby’s kitchen furniture fittings may vary from sober to graceful, but all of our handles and knobs exude the kind of warmth that is essential to any kitchen. Manually crafted just as they would have been in the olden days, our retro kitchen grips and buttons start out as liquid batter which is poured into a sand mill. It’s this authentic manufacturing process that gives Dauby’s kitchen furniture fittings their small, unique imperfections and, hence, their romantic and weathered look.


Fittings with natural qualities

Anyone with a thing for the sleek yet authentic look and feel of art deco kitchens is bound to fall in love with Fama , an entire collection of furniture fittings made of bronze going through different oxidation stages. Does your heart skip a beat when a beautifully finished English-style kitchen catches your eye? Chances are shell- and flower-shaped fittings like those you find in the Giara collection are to blame. Giara’s fitting are at their finest when they are made of britannium, an alloy used in the past to make harnesses. Britannium looks silver-colored when brand new, and gets a gorgeous grey patina over time.


Butterflies on your kitchen cabinets

In most country-style kitchens, cabinets have egg-shaped grips. But why settle for the obvious? Knobs shaped like a butterfly ( are an ideal alternative if you want to spice things up – you can even use them on your kitchen windows and doors.


Furniture fittings straight out of grandmother’s kitchen

Does this little handle look familiar to you? That’s because it’s almost a century old. Specially designed for the very first Cubex kitchens, it’s not unlikely that your grandmother opened her kitchen cabinets with handles exactly like this one. They went out of production a while ago, but Dauby recently revived them as a part of the Pure collection.

Hungry for more?

Curious about Dauby’s many other kitchen door handles and knobs to give your kitchen the finishing touch it needs? Sit back and browse our catalogue ! And don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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