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We all have our own tastes and preferences, especially when it comes to our home interior. Some of us are absolutely in love with the sleek and contemporary look, while others are head over heels for rural or retro interiors. Even when we decide on details such as furniture fittings, taste plays a major part. There is no doubt in any interior designer’s mind that carefully chosen fittings for cupboards, closets and drawers give a home that extra touch of style …

Details make all the difference

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Decorating your home means making choices. A lot of them. It’s not just about picking the right wall colours and choosing furniture, but also about working out those small details that don’t immediately spring to mind. For example, a stylish set of furniture fittings can make a world of difference. Have you ever considered hand-finished furniture fittings? Whether you’re going for a contemporary or a retro look, in the world of furniture fittings you are spoilt for choice.

Contemporary design: exactly your cup of tea?

Are you a sucker for sleek designs? Does your interior revolve around simplicity, lots of light and does it have an airy feel to it? Then contemporary furniture fittings are just the thing for you. Browse through our modern furniture fittings to take both your furniture and your interior to a whole new level.

Or do you prefer retro furniture fittings?

If clean lines and contoured shapes don’t match your style, furniture fittings with a hint of nostalgia probably will. Retro furniture fittings breathe a vintage atmosphere, even if your furniture does not date from last century. They also team great with contemporary furniture, creating a unique and eye-catching contrast.

Which materials to pick?

Our furniture fittings are available in various colours, finishes and alloys including aged iron, dark bronze and silver. No matter the style of your interior, you are sure to find that perfect match browsing through our collections.

Furniture fittings for everyone

Are you looking for furniture fittings to complete your interior? We’ve got inspiration galore. Discover our collections !

meubelknop Dauby

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