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Are you a genuine retro-fan or do you prefer a designer interior? Well, the furniture fittings from Dauby come in every imaginable style! Our retro furniture fittings are perfect for furniture in a rustic, cottage style. But the more modern interior enthusiast will be delighted with our sleek furniture fittings!

Retro furniture fittings: authenticity is in the details

Want to finish your rustic interior, right down to the tiniest details? Then retro furniture fittings from Dauby are the perfect opportunity to give your furniture the finish it has truly earned. You will be astonished by the difference a simple doorknob can make!

Our retro furniture fittings are all given an authentic and specialised treatment. We use techniques that have been around for centuries to give our products their unique look. And we do this without ever compromising on quality or sustainability.

Our retro furniture fittings collection offers a broad range of fittings. All these products are available in various materials: brass, bronze, iron, black, etc. So you can be sure you are buying a unique and authentic product!

Breathe new life into your furniture with hand-made, retro furniture fittings

Want to update your interior with antique furniture? Don’t throw your old furniture away; just breathe new life into it. A lick of paint and new furniture fittings will have your old furniture looking like new in no time. Or really showcase its antique look. It will then fit into your new interior perfectly.

If you’ve found a lovely cabinet that could use a makeover, there are several options:

  • A few of the knobs or pulls are missing. Replace all of the knobs and pulls to ensure uniformity;
  • Knobs and pulls have been damaged. You are better off replacing all of the furniture fittings;
  • You cabinet has never had any handles. To achieve a genuine retro look, you can add a few traditionally crafted knobs or pulls.

Our retro knobs and handles are created using traditional methods and by hand. Each article is made with love for the craft and develops an increasingly beautiful, natural patina over time. The older the knob or handle, the more valued it becomes.

This gives Dauby’s collections an authentic and timeless character, which distinguishes them from mass produced items. Perfect for upgrading your furniture! As a result, it looks as if they belong to the original, vintage cabinet and are therefore ideal for giving your latest acquisition a genuine retro look & feel!

Sleek designer furniture fittings: sleek lines and a super-detailed finish.

Dauby supplies sleek forms manufactured from warm alloys, such as White Bronze.

Cubex furniture pulls, for example, have been dug up once again. Everyone can visualise a cabinet which belonged to their parents or grandparents with one of these knobs, but in a chrome finish. This model was designed at the end of the twenties by architect L.H. De Koninck for use on the very best Cubex kitchens.

From 1932, this pull was produced and distributed on an industrial basis. This model is no longer manufactured but Pure® has given it a new life! Just like every Dauby item, the characteristic finish will give your furniture a modern and stylish touch. The Dauby designer furniture fittings are exactly what you need to add a modern and sleek finishing touch to your interior!

Furniture fittings for built-in cupboards

Not much room in your house? These built-in cupboards are the solution. You save space and your items can be safely stored away. As well as figuring out the shape of your cupboards, you must also think about how the units will open. Choosing the right furniture fittings is vital in this process.

Choose a style

Your built-in cupboards must match the style of the house perfectly. After all, a modern house with antique cupboards is not the ideal combination. This doesn’t create a unified whole.

So, decide in advance if you need furniture fittings in a rustic or designer style. In our Giara® and Fama® collections, you can find both retro and Art Deco furniture knobs. For furniture pulls with an understated design, you should turn to the Pure® collection. These sleek and functional furniture pulls give an extra ‘touch’ to your furniture and your interior as a whole.

Whatever the style and look of your furniture fittings, you must be sure that the design is functional and balanced. So, for example, you don’t want a delicate knob on a huge drawer, or a beautifully designed knob which actually isn’t very convenient to use.

Furniture knobs or pulls

Have you decided which style you need? Then it’s time to decide which type of furniture fittings you want.

There are two options: furniture knobs or furniture pulls. The first option speaks for itself: a knob that you grab to pull the unit open. A furniture pull is a rod that fits both cupboards and drawers.


The right material

You’re nearly there… you’ll soon find the perfect furniture fittings. But first you must also decide which materials to use. Choose from White Bronze, Aged Iron or Britannium. These materials need very little maintenance.

White Bronze does not oxidise so it needs no extra protection or maintenance. White Bronze, Bronze, Raw Metal, and Aged Iron are used for the more modern furniture fittings in the Pure® collection. Both Fama® and Giara® use Bronze. Giara® also uses Britannium.


Cleaning furniture fittings

Cleaning furniture fittings is not only important for hygiene, it also ensures that the fittings retain their beautiful sheen.

Have you chosen rustic or retro fittings? Good news, because they will retain their authentic looks. Your best bet is to let nature take its course and allow a beautiful and unique patina to develop. Your furniture fittings will just get more beautiful as the years go by.

Looking for suitable furniture fittings for your Interior? Contact us for customised advice!

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