Stephanie Van Mechelen - 01/06/2018 - 01 June 2018

Are you a real fan of retro or do you rather prefer design? Well, Dauby’s furniture fittings are available in any style you can imagine! Our retro furniture fittings suits country or cottage style furniture perfectly. But the more modern-minded can also enjoy themselves with our sleek furniture fittings!

Retro furniture fittings: authenticity lies in the details!

Do you wish to finish off your country style interior to the smallest details? In that case, Dauby’s retro furniture fittings are the perfect opportunity to give your furniture the finishing it deserves. You will be surprised at what a simple doorknob can already achieve…

Our retro furniture fittings are treated in a special and specialized way. We use techniques that are centuries old to give our products a unique and authentic look. All this without losing sight of quality and durability, because old does not necessarily mean worn out!

In our retro furniture fittings collection you will find a great range of fittings: hinges and door handles, but also handles in general and ornaments. All of these products are available in different materials: silver, brass, bronze, black cast iron, etc. This way you can always be sure that the product is unique and authentic!

Sleek design furniture fittings: clean lines and a meticulous finishing

Dauby offers sleek shapes made from warm alloys, such as white bronze.

For instance, this small furniture pull was recovered from the basement… Surely everyone has a closet that belonged to their parents or grandparents in mind with the exact same pull, a chrome-plated version of course. This model was designed in the late twenties by architect L. H. De Koninck for the first modern “Cubex” kitchens.

From 1932, this pull was industrially produced and distributed. The manufacture of this model was completely paralyzed, but it was given a new life by PURE! As with any Dauby-piece, the typical finishing provides your furniture with a modern and stylish touch right away. Dauby’s design furniture fittings are exactly what you are looking for if you want to give your interior a modern and sleek finishing touch!

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