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Fama is a collection of top quality door and furniture fittings that hark back to the 1920s and the art-deco style: classic, stylish and elegant. The use of retro metals and sleek shapes is characteristic of this styling. Fama is therefore perfectly showcased in modern interiors.

In the Fama collection, you can expect original models that simply cannot be compared to anything else. They also offer excellent ergonomic designs: the handles lie so beautifully in the hand that you won’t want to let them go.

Bronze door and furniture fittings

Fama only works with bronze, an alloy of copper and tin. The addition of tin makes the material harder and less malleable than copper alone. Church bells and statues are almost always made of bronze, precisely because they can take a knock or two.

The bronze door and furniture fittings from Fama are still produced using authentic methods and this ensures an artisan, robust look. The bronze is first cast in sand moulds, a centuries-old technique that has been used throughout history to produce jewellery and useful objects. Each item is then finished and patinated entirely by hand.

Patinas and their secrets

The products from Fama are available in various natural patinas, each with their own charm and beauty. A retro door lever in Natural Bronze or a chic door lever in White Bronze; for that extra ‘wow’ factor? There is a Fama item for every interior!

Natural Bronze (NB)

Natural Bronze or solid bronze is an alloy of copper and tin and is the most natural form of bronze. Products in Natural Bronze have a warm, red colour. The areas on these products that are more exposed to oxygen will darken with age. The areas where there is increased rubbing (by human contact, for example) will stay lighter. Maintenance is not necessary; we recommend that you simply let nature take its course. A stunning patina will be created as a result.

Dark Bronze (DB)

As a result of oxidation, solid bronze gains a brown layer that creates the patina that we call Dark Bronze. These products will also respond to oxygen exposure and rubbing, and develop a deeper patina over time.

Fama deurbeslag in Donker Brons

Groen Brons (OG)

If we allow Dark Bronze to further oxidise, we will obtain Green Bronze (VI). Products in Green Bronze have a darker, green layer. They are polished by frequent usage, which creates a slightly shiny finish.

Bronze Silver (BS)

Bronze Silver is the ‘diva’ among the bronze tints. A silver layer, just a few microns thick, is applied to solid bronze. The corrosion of the silver creates a somewhat darker appearance but the product retains its shine over time. It can be compared to silver jewellery and accessories. You should use silver polish for cleaning.

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