Stephanie Van Mechelen

The style of your front door speaks volumes about the rest of your home – and your good taste. Is your front door still without unique fitting(s)? Time to pick out something truly perfect! Whether you adore modern designer homes or have a thing for cute farmhouses or stately mansions, there are door knockers and handles aplenty to instantly take your home to a higher level.

Country-style fittings for exterior doors

Is your dream home a lovely little cottage that looks just like farmhouses did in the olden days? That calls for a rustic door knocker ! Simply have your pick from Dauby’s authentic exterior door fittings. Authentic, you say? That’s right. Our door knockers are made exactly like door knockers were made in the past: our craftsmen melt Bronze, Britannium or Wrought Iron and pour the material into sand moulds. They finish each knocker or handle by hand, getting even the smallest details right.

Modern exterior door fittings

Authentic doesn’t necessarily mean old-fashioned. Just have a glance at our collection of modern exterior door fittings and you’ll know! Of course, we have round doorknobs and streamlined handles made of contemporary materials like Chrome. But our collection also includes authentic, handmade door knobs made of Raw Bronze. Craftsmen have been using this material for thousands of years, but the minimalist designs are unmistakably contemporary and give any modern front door a sleek and stylish accent.

Tip: Do you want your home to look picture-perfect? Opt for exterior door fittings with a matching doorbell !

Time to open the front door in style!

Looking for just the right fittings to give your front door that little extra? Discover our wide range of exclusive exterior door fittings! Browse our catalogue or visit our showroom. You can find us in Wommelgem near Antwerp.

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