Stephanie Van Mechelen - 15/07/2018 - 15 July 2018

A previous article made clear that country style window fittings are a must for anyone who wishes to give their windows the finishing they deserve. Well, that is no different when it comes to country style door fittings! Even more so: we use our interior and exterior doors even more than our windows… So it is only natural that both your doors and your windows are finished off down to the smallest details!

Country style door fittings: create an authentic style

Are you crazy about the typical “aged” look without coming across as worn out? Have you put your sights on a country style interior design? As we have already said: it is all in the details! A country style interior design with ultra-modern door handles is simply not done. Something is wrong there. So do not just use old building materials! Country style window and door handles complete the effect.

Dauby’s country style door fittings are manufactured the traditional way. We use a technique that goes back to 5000 BC. All window and door fittings are poured into a sand mold. This mold can only be used once, since it must be broken in order to obtain the molded pieces. Afterwards, these are completely finished by hand and treated with a patina.

The alloys we use also date back to ancient times: bronze, Britannia metal, white bronze, silver, tin, brass and so on. We let our door fittings rust in a natural way to give them a typical aged look, and then we treat them with beeswax for optimal protection and durability.

There you have it. Only Dauby offers such perfectly finished handles, knobs and pulls for your windows, doors and furniture! That is only logical, right? After all, we dive back into history to provide all kinds of fittings with the unique and authentic look and feel you are looking for! And all of this with an extraordinary quality and durability…

Collections Genifer and Giara: stylish country style door fittings!

The best references when it comes to country style door fittings are our collections Genifer and Giara.

Our Genifer collection is manufactured based on old models. One by one, these are replicated and finished by hand in order to create the perfect replica. Those looking for authentic country style door fittings in the purest sense of the word can certainly enjoy themselves with our Genifer collection!

Are you looking for country or English cottage style door fittings with a contemporary allure? In that case, Dauby’s Giara collection might be something for you… This collection is close to the style of the Genifer collection, with a modern nuance. As a result, the window and door fittings of this collection suit a country and cottage style design perfectly!

Visit our accomplishments page and let our already carried out projects convince you! Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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