Stephanie Van Mechelen - 15/07/2018 - 15 July 2018

Our article “Create a warm atmosphere through country style window fittings” made clear that country style window fittings allow you to give your windows a perfect finishing. But here at Dauby we have something for every taste… Discover our window fittings in different styles!

Window fittings of the highest quality: create a unique style

Whether you are a fan of country style or prefer a sleek and modern design: among Dauby’s window fittings you will find the style you are looking for, from window handles and knobs to window locks and pumps!

We make our window fittings the traditional way using a technique that goes back to ancient times. It is precisely this method that guarantees that no window fittings are the same. Dauby’s window fittings are unique in every way!

The materials we use contribute to our window fittings’ unique look: bronze, Britannia metal, silver, tin, brass and so on. After the traditional forging, we finish off each element with a special coating that includes beewax. This ensures that the window fittings are protected against rust and the effects of time…

As you can see, Dauby’s window fittings are not only functional and practical, but also absolutely unmatched when it comes to aesthetics!

Window fittings in all styles: four collections to choose from!

As we already let you know, at Dauby you can find window fittings in different styles. We have four different collections, each with their very own character, from which you can choose the window fittings of your dreams! Don’t forget to take a look at our inspiring pictures for some examples of the different collections!

Collections Genifer and Giara fit perfectly in a country style or classic interior. If you are looking for authentic window fittings, with a unique aged look, Genifer and Giara are ideal for you!

But we also have the perfect fit for more contemporary or modern-inspired interiors. The window fittings from collections Fama and Pure are known for their clean lines and defined shapes. A dream match for lovers of the modern design look!

Do not hesitate to contact us for your renovation or remodeling project. Together we could make something really beautiful!

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