Stephanie Van Mechelen - 11/07/2018 - 11 July 2018

Whether you’re into retro or modern design, beautiful door handles are the key to a chic interior. Still, as is often the case when you’re decorating, it’s wise to take ergonomics into account as well before making a commitment. Are you sure those lovely door handles you’re eyeing fit your hand perfectly? Don’t decide on a handle just yet, and browse through our offer first. Dauby’s door handles shine when it comes to both ergonomics and design.

ergonomisch deurbeslag Dauby

1. Fedra: deliciously curvy

This elegant door handle goes to show that Enrico Baleri’s creativity has no limits. Fedra’s playful curves are not only striking, but fit anyone’s hand perfectly. Arguably one of Baleri’s top designs, Fedra has that kind of beauty that is embodied in the details. Notice that graceful little drop at the end of the lever? Gorgeous.

ergonomisch deurbeslag Fedra Dauby

2. Fama: the timeless allure of art deco

Robust handles and sleek lines are what the Fama collection is all about. Made of bronze and crafted with ergonomics in mind, each Fama door handle looks like it’s from the 1920s. Fama gives off an authentic vibe, yet is anything but old-fashioned.

ergonomisch deurbeslag Fama Dauby

3. Back to the Bauhaus period with Pure

Opening or closing a door with a handle from the Pure collection takes you right back to the 1930s. The straight, sober designs typical of this collection are inspired by the Bauhaus period, which was highly influenced by the Industrial Style and well ahead of its time back in the day. Available in both Raw Metal and Raw Bronze, Pure door handles fit any modern interior beautifully.

ergonomisch deurbeslag Pure Dauby

4. RDS: no-nonsense ergonomics

Door handles from Dauby’s RDS collection have a modern, masculine look and are easy on the hand. Made from bronze and available in different shades, RDS door handles are the ideal finishing touch to contemporary interiors. Their timeless look-and-feel is guaranteed to last for many years to come.

Can’t get enough of our door handles? Discover them all !

ergonomisch deurbeslag RDS Dauby

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