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In 2024, we are taking a fascinating trip back in time, to where interior elements from the 1980s are making an eye-catching comeback. These retro elements, infused with nostalgia, add a playful and daring edge to modern interiors.

A 1980s interior? These are the characteristics

Want to know what an 80s inspired interior looks like?

Bye bye earthy shades and restful vibes. The lively atmosphere of the 1980s is evident in interior elements such as

  • neon lighting;
  • contrasting colours;
  • high-gloss paint finishes;
  • mirrors with bevelled edges;
  • glass dining tables with shiny, chrome accents;
  • daring geometric patterns in wallpaper and textiles;
  • furniture with soft, curved lines and pastel shades.

A notable comeback for an interior style which was created at the time by the Memphis design collective.

A new chapter in retro design

The revival of the 1980s interior in 2024 opens a new chapter in retro design. It is not only a look back into the past, but a celebration of the unique style which defined the decade.

A great perspective for integrating this style is the addition of sleek accents. Our sleek Chemin de Fer furniture knobs from the Pure® collection are the perfect addition to your 80s interior. Or how about a PH2017 door lever? This understated but timeless interior fitting was designed by Belgian interior designer Tom Lenaerts.

An 80s interior in your home?

Do you dare to dive into the lively and daring aesthetic of the 1980s? Give your interior a playful and nostalgic boost!

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