Dauby loves to use natural materials and applies an authentic, traditional production process to every window lever and knob.

As well as our own collection of window fittings, we also collaborate with leading international designers who have become household names.

Want to know more about the exclusive creations by our top designers? We are happy to introduce them.

1. Architect Tom Lenaerts - a home-grown Belgian talent

A collaboration of which we are immensely proud is our partnership with Tom Lenaerts, an Antwerp-based interior designer whose signature style encompasses streamlined shapes that set great store by user-friendliness.

The unique window fittings from this idiosyncratic designer radiate unprecedented class. He is at home in every market. Our raw materials and his sleek lines are the perfect marriage of design and tradition.

His PH2017 collection is available in six materials:

  • Aged Iron
  • Raw Metal
  • Raw Bronze
  • Raw Bronze Polished
  • White bronze
  • Satin White Bronze

Want to know more about the collection of door, furniture and window fittings from Belgian all-round designer Tom Lenaerts? Discover PH2017 and be inspired!

2. Frascio - old-fashioned Italian design

In northern Italy, at the foot of the Alps, you will find Frascio, a well-known Italian brand. Frascio facilitates collaboration between various Italian designers and design studios, resulting in an extremely varied range of window fittings. The upshot of this combination of different visions and designers is a mix of styles, materials and finishes.

From linear, sleek designs to more decorative styles, Frascio has a broad collection of door and window fittings for every interior.

Are you a fan of Italian design? Then take a look at the collection of window fittings by Frascio and add a touch of Italian charm to your window levers!

3. Brian Sironi - functional and aesthetically responsible

Italian designer Brian Sironi studied to be an industrial engineer but that didn’t prevent him from following his heart and setting up a successful business focusing on product design, interior design and architecture.

What characterises the window fittings by Brian Sironi is the combination of aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to this combination, the talented young designer has already won several prizes

Want the best of both worlds? Discover the window fittings by Brian Sironi and let yourself be tempted!

4. Philippe Starck - decorative elegance with Apriti

Philippe Starck is a huge name in the world of interiors and product design. Chairs, citrus presses, watches, motorcycles, bathroom design, and even massive yachts; there is no challenge that this French designer will turn down.

He excels in everything he does. And that applies to the Apriti window fittings too, that were developed for Dauby. The decorative window levers by Philippe Starck are a must-have for fans of dynamic forms and flowing lines.

5. Discover our extensive range of designer window fittings.

Fancy something a little more ‘out there’?

Take your window fittings to a higher level and spoil yourself with window levers and knobs which will add a touch of flair to your daily life.

Take a look at our range of window fittings and discover which internationally renowned top designers you can welcome into your home! And find the perfect design for your window fittings while you’re at it.

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