Do you love the eclectic style or is your interior a touch more rustic? No problem! At Dauby, we have window fittings for every possible preference.

Window levers and knobs may seem like a simple detail, but they provide a fantastic finishing touch to your interior. So, when you’re building or renovating, make sure you consider matching window fittings.

At Dauby we offer the following styles of fittings:

  • Eclectic style
  • Industrial style
  • Rustic style
  • Modern style
  • Sleek, rustic style
  • Timeless style

1. Eclectic style

In an eclectic style, you choose the best interior trends from various style periods and create a superb overall look.

An eclectic interior is a trend for the more courageous designers among us. Different colours, materials and textures create a challenging overall look and feel. Combine an antique painting with a modern, colourful sofa and create a mix of styles.

With a healthy dose of daring, you can turn your interior into a fascinating style palette. And you will, of course, need original and authentic window fittings. What makes Dauby’s window fittings so unique is the small imperfections that are created during the traditional casting process in sand moulds. This grainy structure is perfect for the eclectic style.

Want to go a step further? Choose window fittings that don’t necessarily match your door and furniture fittings, to create an eye-catching look in your interior! Our collection of window fittings offers various styles, but also different materials and colours.

Eclectisch raambeslag in Ruw Brons Gepolijst

2. Industrial style

Wooden, unfinished beams, rough brick walls, and characteristic furniture will give your interior an industrial look and feel.

In an industrial interior, window fittings in Aged Iron, Rust or Black are a real asset. Subtle and yet warm colours soften the robust nature of the industrial look.

The industrial style often uses colours such as black, grey or brown but, if you want to add a touch of personality and pizazz, you could always integrate a few pops of colour. But be careful not to overdo it with the bright colours!

Raambeslag in een industrieel interieur

3. Rustic style

A rustic style oozes cosiness.

Warm colours, decorative shapes, and rustic elements are central to this type of rustic interior. You’ll feel right at home!

Gentle colours and warm materials can also be found in Dauby’s window fittings.

Bronze window levers add to the homely feeling created by a rustic interior. Another advantage of bronze is that it is easy to maintain and ages beautifully. A window lever with a patina is the ideal way to add authentic charm to a rustic interior.

Raamklink in landelijke stijl

The traditional production process using sand moulds in its perfect setting. The rustic finish of retro window fittings will take your interior to a higher plane.

4. Modern style

Modern window fittings are characterised by a sleek design and durable finish. The Fama® and Pure® collections offer sleek lines and streamlined shapes. Lovers of a modern look are sure to find what they are looking for in these collections.

Modern window levers and knobs are available in various colours and materials.

A streamlined design, or perhaps fittings that really stand out? It all depends on your personal preferences!

Modern raambeslag in Wit Brons

5. Sleek, rustic style

Find it hard to choose between rustic and modern? Then we’ll meet you in the middle, with sleek, rustic window fittings.

A streamlined, rustic interior is characterised by clear lines and warm materials, without a surfeit of decorative elements.

Bronze is an excellent choice in terms of materials in a sleek, rustic home.

Raambeslag in een strak landelijk interieur

6. Timeless style

A timeless interior doesn’t require quite so much effort as it will never go out of fashion.

That’s why the superlative quality and exceptional durability of Dauby’s window fittings are a genuine asset for fans of this timeless style.

For timeless styling, the Pure® collection is the best of the best.

Raambeslag in een tijdloos interieur

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