Does your home need a bit of a makeover? Or do you just like to change your colour palette every now and then and apply new trends to your interior?

In 2020, there are a few trends that are worth picking up on. At Dauby we have summarised the best trends to inspire you as you (re)decorate your home. Here are the 5 biggest trends in window fittings at a glance.

1. Interior trend #1: bring warmth indoors with bronze door fittings

Just like 2019, bronze is still a popular material in the interior market and design world. It radiates warmth, elegance and a sense of timelessness and is therefore a popular choice for new window fittings.

Bronze window fittings from Dauby are also a genuine eye-catcher due to the unique living finish which emerges over the course of time. You open your bedroom window every day but the window in the corridor often stays shut? Then you will see colour variations that are the result of oxidation.

That’s what happens when you use natural materials in your window fittings. These living materials will develop a patina over time which, in turn, offers a beautiful, authentic look.

Love bronze? Then be a trendsetter and use bronze window fittings in your home. Your guests are sure to be impressed by this stunning material!

Raamklink in Donker Brons

2. Interior trend #2: create calm in your home with ‘Wabi Sabi’

At Dauby, we love the Wabi Sabi craze and that’s because the characteristics of our door, furniture and window fittings are bang on-trend when it comes to the philosophy of this Japanese concept.

Perfection is a thing of the past.

Wabi Sabi embraces the beauty of small imperfections and transience. The aesthetic in things that are ‘imperfect, transient and incomplete’ is a recurring theme within Wabi Sabi. Another feature of this lifestyle philosophy is unity with nature.

But how do you apply this to your interior? How about weather-beaten wood, peeling paintwork or second-hand materials that showcase the imperfections in your home.

The authentic window fittings by Dauby are perfect within the Wabi Sabi palette:

  • the use of warm, natural materials such as bronze and Britannium;
  • the living finish of these materials which creates an authentic look;
    the casting process in sand moulds which produces small imperfections.
Raambeslag - interieurtrend Wabi Sabi

3. Interior trend #3: use black accents for a sleek look

Black window fittings create a sense of depth in your home.

They add a sleek and austere look and work with various interior styles.

But, you need to use contrasts with this trend; combine a light and airy colour palette with a few black accents, for example. White walls and cabinets in combination with black fittings create a vivacious atmosphere in your home.

From industrial through timeless, to rustic; this interior trend is recommended for every style!

Be careful with black window fittings. Too many black accents in your interior will reduce the impact. The more unique the contrast, the more powerful the look. This will allow you to create a unique, extra dimension in your interior.

Interieurtrend: zwart raambeslag

4. Interior trend #4: use durable materials

If you are investing in a new interior, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible.

This applies to a new sofa, a kitchen refresh, but also an update in your window fittings.

At Dauby, we always go for natural materials that will stand the test of time and become even more beautiful over the years.

5. Interior trend #5: choose an industrial concrete look

The concrete look is still popular in 2020. Concrete gives your interior a robust and trendy look and is often used in rough-and-ready industrial interiors.

To embrace this trend in full, you can combine it with:

  • iron support pillars
  • natural stone
  • unfinished wooden beams
  • weathered materials
  • cool colours and grey tints

Window fittings in Rust, Raw Metal and Aged Iron are a beautiful supplement to the concrete look. Without a doubt, this is one of the most daring trends of 2020. Are you brave enough?

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