Stephanie Van Mechelen

Doorknobs can be found in every style, shape, color and size you can imagine. For every kind of door there is a fitting doorknob… Fortunately so! Dauby has an extensive range of doorknobs to offer for those who wish to give their front, back, interior or exterior doors a unique look!

A fitting doorknob for each door

We use our doors every day. That’s why they deserve the perfect finishing touch, don’t you think? Exactly! The things we use every day deserve a perfect finishing…

Dauby has something for every taste. You can choose from two main styles: retro or design. In our retro collection, you will find classic gems that will turn your front door into a small piece of history. These retro doorknobs are a great match for de typical solid wooden doors that can often be found in refurbished mansions and farms. As a last touch, our retro doorknobs are finished off with a coat of beewax so that you can enjoy your doorknobs for years without worrying about rust and oxidation…

Are you not that much of a fan of the “aged” look? In that case, Dauby’s design doorknobs might be something for you… Discover the sleekest designs of doorknobs in our range of design doorknobs. Big names such as Philippe Starck and Hannes Wettstein have taken care of the design of many pieces, so you can be sure that our doorknobs suit a sleek and modern style perfectly!

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