Want to keep up with the latest trends, but don’t want to update your whole interior? You can change the entire look of your home just by changing a few accents.

With new door fittings, for example, you treat your visitors to a distinct atmosphere, from the very first moment. As soon as they use your door knob or handle, you are setting the tone for your characteristic home.

Want to know more about the five primary trends for door fittings in 2020? We will provide an overview below!

1. Interior trend #1: the new Bronze Age

The new year has brought about the new Bronze Age. Metals such as bronze are gaining popularity every day. And rightly so. Nothing provides quite as much impact, harmony and life as bronze or gold-coloured door fittings in your interior! The natural materials that Dauby uses are living materials. And it’s clear to all!

As you use the fittings, you will see deeper colour variations. We call this a patina. When your fittings develop a patina, they will take on a stunning, authentic look. The more you use the fittings, and touch them, the deeper the shading will become over time! That’s the living finish.

Dauby is constantly focused on combinations that could add that extra touch to your interior. Are you a real fan of the Bronze Age? Then you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in:

Deurbeslag van Dauby in Brons

Influencer and Instagram personality Valerie Bems is under its spell. Read the interview!

Not sure you want bronze in your interior?

No problem! There are plenty of other trends that will suit your home!

2. Interior trend #2: Wabi Sabi

There is a good chance that you may not have heard about Wabi Sabi. This is a centuries-old Japanese lifestyle philosophy that emerged in 2019 in various interiors and will really come to life in 2020.

Wabi Sabi focuses on 3 main pillars:

  1. Imperfections in your home
  2. Unity with nature
  3. The beauty in ageing

Three pillars which are part of Dauby’s philosophy too.

The fact that Dauby’s door fittings are cast in sand moulds means that every door lever has a grainy structure that incorporates small imperfections. Adding so-called beauty spots to your home!

Wabi Sabi deurbeslag van Dauby

The door fittings are also at one with nature. Dauby only uses natural materials during the production process.

Finally, the door fittings by Dauby undergo a unique ageing process. As you just read in the ‘Bronze Age’, you will see a patina develop on your door fittings over time. All the door fittings that we sell go through an ageing process that simply makes them more beautiful.

Find a few tips for adding Wabi Sabi character to your home here!

3. Interior trend #3: back to black

Black door fittings are becoming more common. They offer a sleek, robust but classy finish.

Black door fittings match any interior style, from industrial to modern. You can combine them perfectly with any colour accents too.

Dauby deurbeslag in Verouderd IJzer - zwart

In general, you will create the biggest impact by using black with a light colour accent. This will result in a playful contrast which adds an extra dimension to your interior.

But be careful with black door fittings. If you use too many black accents in your interior, the impact will be reduced. The more unique the contrast, the more powerful the look.

4. Interior trend #4: durable materials

The use of durable materials is a trend that falls into all sectors. And door fittings are no exception!

It’s only logical. You want door fittings that will last and last.

Deurbeslag: duurzame materialen van Dauby

Durable and natural materials are part of what Dauby is all about. Every door fitting which is sold is carefully manufactured from natural raw materials such as bronze.

5. Interior trend #5: go for a concrete look

We will conclude with the industrial, concrete look. Raw Metal door fittings were really popular in 2019. In 2020, we expect an even better year for the grey shades, rough structures, and authentic looks that correspond to this type of door fitting.

Interieurtrends 2020: beton

Our tips for getting the most from your Raw Metal door fittings? Use them in combination with:

  • Natural stone
  • Raw, unfinished beams
  • Other, typically industrial elements

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