The material and colour of your door fittings are the deciding factors to add a characteristic look and feel to your home. And rightly so! Because the door handle or door lever is one of the first elements anyone entering your home will come across.

Are you currently looking for authentic door fittings but don’t yet know which material to choose? At Dauby, we are sure you will find the perfect material for every home, in the ideal colour!

Everything depends on the look & feel that you want to realise and your home’s interior styling.

Raw Metal, for example, is perfect for finishing off a home with an industrial style while Raw Bronze offers a beautiful accent in an eclectic interior.

At Dauby, we use the following natural materials (among others) in order to create our exclusive door fittings:

  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • White bronze
  • Britannium

Interested in another finish for your door fittings?

Discover the colours and materials here

1. Be consistent but experiment with the choice of door fittings.

The advantage of having your own home is that you’re the boss.

If you love sleek styling and prefer uniformity, you should use the same colour door fittings throughout your home as that will give you the look you’re after. Black door fittings are perfect for a home which contains a great deal of white.

Want to be a bit ‘out there’ and think out of the box? Then choose some of your window and furniture fittings in Raw Metal and door fittings in bronze.

Deurbeslag van Dauby in Brons

The choice of materials is yours. It is important that:

  • The materials and colours you use complement your interior.
    You choose strong combinations if you opt for several materials and colours.

And above all: the sky is the limit.

2. Choose the right colour for your interior

The first visual aspect that you notice about door fittings is the colour. The better the colour matches the interior styling, the stronger the overall look & feel.

The first issue to be considered is the accent you wish to add with your fittings. Does it need to be eye-catching, with coloured Odessa window and door levers? Or would you rather they blend subtly with the rest of your interior?

Dauby deurklink in Ruw Brons Gepolijst op een witte deur

Asking yourself these questions will help you consider the contrast you’d like to create. This could be anything from door fittings in Raw Bronze on a white door to door fittings in White Bronze on a darker wooden door.

Voordeurbeslag Fabriek 61

3. Go for a living finish with natural door fittings

Your choice of door fittings should be made with one eye on the future. Every material ages differently and offers various signs of ageing which will give your interior a unique look.

The natural materials from Dauby will develop a patina over time. Using the fittings (or not) and the process of oxidation will make the colour gradations more intense. This living finish will give your product a stunning, authentic appearance!

The living finish is beautifully showcased in bronze door fittings. Dauby works with various bronze finishes.

We have summarised a few below:

  • White bronze
  • Satin White Bronze
  • Silvered White Bronze
  • Raw Bronze
  • Raw Bronze Polished
  • Natural Bronze
  • Green Bronze
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black Bronze

Whatever finish your choose, it will always have its own charm! Our bronze is also very easy to look after.

4. Dauby in all materials and colours

Pure & CDF

The rust-free Raw Metal offers a raw, unfinished look. And that makes sense because Raw Metal is not polished after the sand casting production process. This results in an uneven and unique surface.

However, this unfinished look can also be found in Raw Bronze and Raw Bronze Polished. These materials represent purity and are rust-free. In contrast to the industrial look of Raw Metal, Raw Bronze and Raw Bronze Polished offer fittings with warm, copper shades.

Are you looking for a deep rust colour? No problem. The Rust fittings are rusted using a natural method and are then treated with dark beeswax. Due to the fact that rusting is a natural process, each piece is entirely unique.


As well as bronze door fittings, Dauby also has various products in Aged Iron (VO) and Wrought Iron. Iron changes colour a lot less quickly. Wrought Iron is protected with a layer of varnish. The door fittings in Aged Iron have a black layer of paint. This will show signs of ageing over time.

Dauby Pure deurbeslag in Verouderd Ijzer - Zwart

As well as raw finishes, these collections also have room for elegance and beauty. These can be found in White Bronze and Satin White Bronze. Because of the fact that we replace some of the copper with tin and zinc during the casting process, these materials take on a smart, silver look.

Designer Tom Lenaerts: deurklink PH2017

Giara & Fama

The Giara collection focuses on Britannium fittings. That is an alloy of materials such as silver and tin. Over time, if it is used, Britannium will take on a matte finish and that’s precisely what gives it its charm. Not keen on a matte look? Then polish your Britannium regularly with silver polish.


Both collections also include fittings in Natural Bronze. These fittings have a red colour and will oxidise over time and develop a Dark Bronze or Green Bronze layer. The points which are touched will stay light while the other places will darken.


Giara & Fama use the elegance of White bronze in their fittings. This adds an airy, light look to your interior, and offers a great contrast to the raw, warmer shades in the collections.

Dauby Giara deurbeslag in Wit Brons


In the designer fittings by Dauby, we use various materials that will give your interior a modern look & feel.

Firstly, there is Anthracite/Gun Metal or Matte Black. These black, industrial fittings offer a sleek, robust look which fits into all types of interior.

Deurbeslag in mat zwart

Finally, we have Chrome and Nickel. These materials by Dauby are available in regular and matte (Chrome Matte & Nickel Matte) finishes.


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