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The time when nobody paid any attention to door fittings is now long gone. Door fittings used to be trivial and practical, but their style is now prominent and often the deciding factor in design choices. Of course, an ordinary aluminium door handle will do the job, but anyone who regularly reviews the mood boards on Pinterest knows better – it’s all about the details. And that’s precisely where door fittings can really make a difference. At Dauby, we believe in the power of quality and authenticity, and this is reflected in our extensive collection of door fittings.

What are door fittings?

Essentially, the term ‘door fittings’ includes all the elements that belong on a door. Door fittings are not just your door handle or door knob, but include front door accessories, such as your doorbell, keyhole plate or letterbox plate. For the purposes of good styling, all these items are essential elements in the overall look.

You can thus choose a doorbell in the right style: round, square, large, small, made of any material. Your façade and corresponding accessories are, in essence, an extension of your interior styling, with no compromises. Dauby offers a complete range of door fittings and accessories, in the same shape, material, style and finish.

The strength of Dauby’s door fittings

At Dauby, we are sure of the power of craftsmanship, and we only supply authentic, quality products.

The Pure®-collection translates this vision into high-end door fittings, with a whole range of designs to choose from. The original sand casting methods are still applied to every product. The rough form of the door fitting is created using the sand moulds and the products are then refined by hand.

Each item is made with a passion for traditional methods and develops an increasingly beautiful, natural patina over time. The older the product, the more valued it becomes. This gives the Pure®-collection an authentic and primarily timeless character, which is far removed from everyday, mass-produced items.

We also supply door fittings from renowned brands and designers who stand for the same ideals and top quality. The best of the best when it comes to rustic door fittings are the CDF (Créations du Fer) and Giara® collections. For Art deco, you’ll need the Fama collection. Or perhaps you prefer the Italian designs from Rds-Kleis? Frascio also has a whole range with its own NO BACT antibacterial coating.

The power of Dauby door fittings lies in the authentic production method and natural materials, combined with today’s stringent quality standards. This creates door fittings with a beautiful appearance, which are robust enough to withstand daily use.

Types of door fittings

At Dauby, we use various types of materials and styles for door fittings so that there is something for every home and interior.

Black door fittings in Aged Iron (VO) have been gaining in popularity for some time. Industrial, sleek, monochrome or classic, black door fittings can function as the perfect eye-catcher in an interior. When it comes to cleaning, black door fittings are no problem at all. Dauby’s black fittings have a coating and require very little maintenance. Also, black doesn’t show any fingerprints and is easily cleaned using a cloth.

Raw Bronze (RB) is a unique variant from the Pure® collection which goes through a special tumbling process. It is the purest form of bronze, an alloy of copper and tin. Raw bronze is colour-fast and does not rust, meaning it does not require a protective layer. After frequent use, the bronze will become polished in a natural way, and a light gloss will be created. The warm, coppery tint is set off beautifully thanks to the raw, unpolished finish. Raw Bronze combines beautifully with other raw materials and trendy colours:

  • powder pink
  • moss green
  • or mustard yellow.

Raw Bronze Polished (RBP) is the polished version of Raw Bronze and offers a shiny, smooth, coppery finish. With the passing of time, this will take on a patina which creates a more matt, warmer bronze. Raw Bronze Polished has really gained in popularity recently due to its trendy, brass/gold look. RBP can only be purchased on request, so please take this into account in terms of delivery times.

Natural Bronze (NB) is an alloy of copper and tin. The alloy has a red colour which, as a result of the chemical reaction with oxygen, will develop an oxide layer; Dark Bronze (DB) is the result of this. If we allow it to further oxidise, we will obtain a green/brown oxide layer, which we call Green Bronze (OG). The areas that are exposed to oxygen will become darker and the bronze areas where there is greater rubbing (e.g. through human contact) will become lighter. A real living finish!

Raw Metal (RM) will add instant industrial allure to your interior. This concrete-influenced look and design combines beautifully with natural stone, raw, unfinished beams or other typically industrial elements. Frequent use will give the Raw Metal a lighter sheen and glossy finish. Raw Metal combines beautifully with materials such as raw wood and natural stone.

Rust is a natural product whereby cast iron is rusted, brushed and treated with a dark beeswax. Due to the fact that rusting is a natural process, the orange/brown colour and the rust effect, or the living finish, can vary. Pure charm, both before and after patination.

How do you choose the ideal door fittings?

Beauty is found in the detail. The sense of delight that you feel as you open the front door to your home and think, yes, that is my favourite handle. Surrounding yourself with items that give you joy, that make you feel at home – that’s what it’s all about. Choose your door fittings carefully and take your interior into account, as well as your wishes, needs and personality.

It is best to create a sleek, consistent line in your choice of door fittings. So try to avoid a cacophony of materials, colours and styles. Do you prefer the rural, retro or designer look? Bauhaus or art deco? Are you riding the trend of golden brass or do you prefer matt black? Don’t just make a blind choice; explore the options carefully.

Choose door handles, hinges, letterboxes and house numbers in the same colour and style in order to create a unified whole. These may only be details, but they will give calmness and cohesion to the look and feel of your (front) door.

The materials used for your door fittings are also important to create a personalised effect. So try to test all of the various materials before you buy your door fittings and check which feel best.

And, last but not least, focus on the function of the door fittings that you are looking for.

If you are buying for your front door, you need door fittings that can take a little wear and tear and offer the necessary protection from unwanted visitors. Our security fittings from the Pure®-collection provide extra protection for external doors.

Looking for door fittings for all your internal doors? Then you will want to apply the same styling across the board, with fittings that feel good in your hand.

When choosing the right door fittings for a sliding door, for example, functionality is one of the main considerations. The for external sliding doors must also be well secured. You are advised to choose a sliding door handle for external sliding doors but, for internal doors, you can choose between a sliding door pull (minimal) or a vertical handle (functional).

Door fittings come in all sizes and colours. See what fits with your home, interior and personality. Whatever you are looking for, we have the perfect door fittings for you at Dauby!

Want to know more about our varied collection of door fittings? Need a little inspiration from our model home? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can check out the options together!

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