Stephanie Van Mechelen

“It is all in the details…” A well-known proverb that also applies to the finishing of your home. Your dream house should look great on the outside. But we spend most of the time indoors, of course… Your house should be a place that makes you look forward to coming home every day. By paying attention to the details you can really create a pleasant experience. Turn your interior doors into real style elements with retro door handles or design door handles!

Start with the most used objects in your house: the interior doors

If there is an object in our house that we use every single day, isn’t that doors? Need something from the bedroom? Going for a drink to the kitchen? Almost every act we perform in our home involves doors. Consequently, door handles are just as important! They should be resistant precisely because we use them so much. But don’t forget aesthetics either… A stylish door handle completes the look of your inside door. So start by giving your interior doors a stylish touch and go for (depending on you interior’s style and personal taste) a retro or design door handle!

Retro door handles: a real and authentic look

Would you like to give your interior doors or furniture an authentic touch without going for something too old-fashioned? Retro door handles are the perfect alternative for a classic or country style interior design. Dauby’s retro door handles are poured into sand molds and finished off by hand. This traditional manufacturing leads to small imperfections that create an aged and weathered look.

So if you would like to give your interior doors or furniture a unique and authentic touch, make sure to take a look at our retro door fittings!

Design door handles: modern design with sleek lines

Do you prefer a contemporary and modern allure for your interior? In that case, Dauby’s design handles surely are something for you! Leave country style behind and go for a sleek design created by big names such as Philippe Starck and Hannes Wettstein. The art deco style, characterized by clean lines, provides your interior doors with a modern and stylish look right away. In other words, Dauby’s design door handles are the ideal solution to create a modern and sleek interior design through the stylish and modern finishing of your interior doors and furniture.


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