Some products just cannot be sold online. When you are dealing with exclusive materials, the service you provide must be of the same high quality as your product. Customers will want to see the products up close. They will even want to “feel” them, and it’s up to us to enable them.

Do you have a showroom? Do you want to meet up with your customer’s needs? If the answer is “Yes!” to both questions, then we truly feel we can help. Displaying some unique products from Dauby will make your showroom even more complete.

We carefully choose the items on our panels, with a lot of attention for the latest trends. Of course our artistic department also keeps a close eye on the composition itself. Please feel free to discover all of our showroom panels on this very webpage.

Do you need any further information about the possibilities for your showroom? Contact us by mail: info@dauby.be or just make a quick phone call: +32 3354 16 36

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