Dries Vinck - 16/07/2018 - 16 July 2018

Why settle for standard window fittings if you can make your home stand out with exclusive designer fittings? Our thoughts exactly! However, choosing the perfect window handles can be a challenge, as the possibilities are virtually endless these days. Read on to discover which window fittings best suit your home.

Define the style of your home

Would you define the style of your home as traditional or rather modern? An important question to ask yourself, because the answer determines whether your home will look its best with sleek designer window fittings or romantic retro fittings.

Window fittings made of the right material

As far as the material is concerned, you can pretty much pick anything that takes your fancy. Because if you think window fittings made from traditional materials like Raw Bronze only fit romantic interiors, you’re in for a surprise. Just have a glance at some modern creations such as the PH1930 window handle – inspired by the Bauhaus style – and you’ll catch our drift. However, bear in mind that most authentic materials get a patina over time. The window fittings you buy today will probably look a little different in ten years’ time.

Tip: try to match your window handles to your door levers

Let colour be your guide

Besides the overall style of your interior, the colour palette you’ve picked is something to take into account as well. Warm colours call for window fittings made of similar coloured materials such as Raw Bronze or Rust. Is your interior’s colour palette predominantly cool? Then your windows will look their best with fittings made of cool-coloured materials like White Bronze, Chrome or Britannium.

The perfect window fittings? The choice is yours!

Looking for window handles to give your interior the extra touch? Browse our wide range of exclusive window handles! Simply flick through the online catalogue or feel free to drop by our showroom. We’re located in Wommelgem near Antwerp.

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