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The wall tiles in your kitchen or bathroom should be easy to clean. But, what if you want to turn your backsplash or shower wall into a real eye-catcher?

The designer tiles from the Pure® Tiles collection are metal and bronze traditional tiles which add a real sense of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom. You may be surprised by these unique designer tiles!

Make your mark on your interior

With Pure® Tiles, Dauby has developed a whole range of bronze and metal designer tiles for various uses and rooms. How about metal tiles as a backsplash behind the hob, or as an eye-catcher in your professional space? You could even have a metal or bronze tiled wall in your shower, as long as you use grout to seal the tile joints.

Our expertise, gained over many years, means you can rest assured you are acquiring a top quality product when you buy our tiles.

Dauby only works with natural materials such as:

Each and every one of these is made with timeless, classic materials.

Give free rein to your creativity

By integrating the versatile nature of Pure® Tiles into your interiors, whatever style you prefer. The metal and bronze tiles can be used in a range of motifs and patterns, in the same colour or in a whole spectrum of different shades.

How about a chequerboard pattern or diagonal placement to make the space look bigger? Will you choose a particular accent or one accent in a contrasting colour? Should you grout your tiles or not? The choice is yours!

The power of tradition

The traditional designer tiles are given a rustic, robust and raw character as a result of the unique production method. Pure® Tiles are manufactured using the centuries-old method of sand-casting. The production process runs as follows:

  • The tiles are first cast in a sand mould. This gives them their rough shape.
  • Once the object has cooled down, the tile is finished and refined by hand.

Each tile goes through the same, traditional process. The specific finishing process gives the designer tiles a stunning look. It is the best way to guarantee hand-made quality for each and every tile!

Retain the look of your metal and bronze designer tiles

These unique designer tiles are not just a delight for the eye; they are also extremely hygienic. The bronze tiles have a high copper content. And copper is a metal with exceptional antibacterial super-powers. You can also clean Pure® Tiles really easily with a soft, damp cloth. Yes, that’s right, you can remove greasy spots and calcium deposits with a soft cloth and a drop of vinegar.

As with all Pure® materials, Pure® Tiles also offer a living finish. This means that the material develops a patina where it is used most.

Looking for more information on the installation and maintenance of the Pure® Tiles collection? Take a look at our technical files!

Choose complementary fittings

Want to ensure even the detailing in your home is on point? Choose complementary furniture, door and window fittings. The Pure® Plus collection offers gorgeous accessories that have been manufactured in the same way, using the same materials.

For more inspiration on using metal and/or bronze tiles in your interior, take a look through our online catalogue.

Let your creativity run free! Would you like more information? Contact us; we will be happy to help!

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