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The last pieces in the puzzle to create a gorgeous interior often lie in the tiniest details. The right kitchen accessories will take your kitchen to a higher plane and, with the appropriate accessories, the full-on ‘wellness’ vision you had for your bathroom can suddenly fall into place.

At the request of interior designers, Dauby developed a whole line of retro kitchen, toilet and bathroom accessories, in completely the same style as the Dauby retro collections. After all, choosing Pure® Plus-accessories is choosing timelessness.

Retro kitchen and bathroom accessories

With Pure® Plus, you can extend the retro style that you have created using door levers, furniture pulls and furniture knobs to the rest of your interior. This creative line contains practical accessories that not only make life easier, but also add that little bit extra that comes with stunning, authentic, and user-friendly items.

In this collection, you will find standard articles such as towel hooks and toilet roll holders, and you can also order each component separately. So, you can make your own decisions and have each item made to your specific requirements. Pure® Plus is therefore the ideal line for creative types and fans of retro kitchen, toilet and bathroom accessories for all interior styles.

Natural and top-quality materials

All our articles from the Pure® Plus-collection are authentic and finished entirely by hand.

The products are created using a traditional method; they are first cast in moulds and then finished by hand. Each piece is unique and has the appearance of top quality, robust metal. The casting process in sand moulds ensures that the fittings gain a grainy structure and display small imperfections that offer that artisan, retro look.

Thanks to the different designs and finishes in the Pure® Plus-collection, the accessories can be integrated into any type of interior. Do you prefer the rural, industrial or classic look?
Pure® Plus can do it all!

The Pure® Plus-accessories are available in 6 different finishes:

Aged Iron (AI) is a top quality, stainless metal alloy that exudes charm. Electrolysis is used to ensure the black layer of lacquer adheres effectively. The natural weathering of the Aged Iron gives the product its authentic character.

Raw Metal (RM) is an alloy with a dark grey, concrete-like and industrial look. The material obtains its roughness due to processing after the sand-casting method and will develop a natural patina after long-term use.

White Bronze (WB) is an elegant, silvery form of bronze. As a result of oxidation, the bronze will develop a matt patina which will, in turn, highlight very subtle colour differences.

Satin White Bronze (WBS) is the same alloy as White Bronze but a special method is used to tumble and finish it in order to create a matt finish.

Raw Bronze (RB) provides warm, coppery shades. After frequent usage, the bronze will become polished, in a natural way, and a light gloss will be created.

Raw Bronze Polished (RBP) is the polished form of unfinished bronze and has a beautiful sheen. The warm tints of Raw Bronze combined with the smooth surface create a refreshing effect that will develop an increasingly beautiful patina over time. A living product!

Pure® Plus Q: minimalistic accessories

The very latest addition to the family is something for fans of sleek, minimalistic design: welcome to Pure® Plus Q!

For this collection, our designers once again took to their drawing boards to create a completely square collection of kitchen, toilet and bathroom accessories. This contains sleek towel holders, toilet roll holders, spare roll holders and kitchen roll holders. Each article has a square design for an unparalleled, minimalistic look.

The Pure® Plus Q-collection is also ideal for modern, timeless and industrial homes. Did you have something specific in mind, and you can’t quite find it? Create your own accessory by varying the length, end support and also the hooks.

Finally, we never compromise on user-friendliness and sustainability and this is no exception. Due to the nature of the raw materials (Raw Bronze and Raw Metal), a layer of lacquer is applied over some of the rails so that you can hang wet towels over them without a problem. Easy to maintain and good for years of service!

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