Stephanie Van Mechelen

Interaction between man and handle

Designers are always busy with new developments, and the ways in which man and environment interact. This is now reflected in the interaction between man and product. In design, the relationship with the product is an important concept.

RAKE & JOIN – Frascio

Designed by Tuscan designer Giacomo Giustizieri.

As an art lover, industrial engineer and industrial design graduate, Giustizieri combines technique with simple and linear shapes.


The ‘blade’ of the door handle bends to the touch of the hand. This creates flexibility and interaction between man and product.

Industrial, technical shapes go hand in hand with flexibility.

The Rake is available in white and black.

Deurbeslag Rake Giustizieri Dauby


Created from geometric shapes and volumes, such as the junction between the metal body and the coloured handle.

This minimalist handle is simple but elegant. The handle is available in different materials and colours: from transparent and fluorescent to black.

Deurbeslag Join Giustizieri Dauby

Deurbeslag Fluo van Giustizieri bij Dauby Deurbeslag Holi van Giustizieri bij Dauby Deurbeslag Pull Handle van Giustizieri bij Dauby Deurbeslag Ghost van Giustizieri bij Dauby Deurbeslag Window Handle van Giustizieri bij Dauby

Shut The Door, Have A Seat (SVING) – RDS/KLEIS


Shut The Door, Have A Seat (SVING) is a creation from design talent Dirk Ploos van Amstel. In 2014, this model won a Design Award at the Biennale Interieur!

Ploos van Amstel brings the spring, the mechanism of the handle, out into the open, where he incorporates it in perfect harmony with the handle itself. In doing this, he puts the construction and structure on display, and shows how an everyday object, such as a door handle, works. In this way, he strengthens the bond between man and object.

The door handle is available with a red, black or white spring.

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