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Sure, you can buy our door, window and furniture fittings online. But if you prefer to admire them with your own eyes first – and judge the quality of the material with your very own fingertips –  we’ve got you covered too! Because we believe our fittings really come into their own in high-quality interiors that have been finished to perfection, we’ve not only set up a showroom in Wommelgem but have also decorated a unique and charming model home in Antwerp called House Parein.

Is House Parein really worth a visit, you ask? Let’s catch a glimpse!

House Parein: a building with a history

One glance at House Parein is all you need to conclude that it’s a home with a rich history. It was here that the Cordemans cookie factory – owned by Edouard Parein and known for its ‘Tuc’ biscuits and chocolate waffles – ran at full speed back in 1890, until Parein moved his ‘biscuiterie’ to a new location in the south of Antwerp. Parein put the glorious building up for sale, and in the century that followed, House Parein switched owners several times. When it suddenly appeared back on the market, Dauby didn’t hesitate to purchase it and turn it into a stunning model home.

A unique model home filled with traditional fittings

House Parein’s authentic materials and glorious historical atmosphere make it the ideal backdrop for Dauby’s artisanal door, window and furniture fittings. All our fittings are, after all, made according to traditional methods which have been used for thousands of years: Bronze, White Bronze, Tin, Cast Iron, … are melted and cast into sand moulds by experienced craftsmen who finish each item down to the smallest details by hand.

Visit our model home soon!

Would you like a personal tour around House Parein? We’re happy to have you. Make an appointment and we’ll get back to you straightaway. See you then!

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