When you think of ‘tiles’, you probably think of large granite tiles in the kitchen, pink examples in the bathroom or blue and white tiles from Portugal.

Although these are all great in their own way, there is also a type of tile that is both original and innovative at the same time, one that you will want in your home straight away.

Find out more about the bronze and metallic tiles in Dauby’s Pure® Tiles collection and discover a whole host of possibilities to make your interior stand out!

Put your own stamp on your interior

With Pure® Tiles, Dauby has developed a whole range of bronze and metallic tiles for a variety of uses and rooms. How do you fancy metallic tiles as a splashback behind your cooker, or as a real eyecatcher in your professional space? You can even have a metallic or bronze tiled wall in your shower if you grout between the tiles.

The possibilities and combinations are endless:

Bronzen tegels in douche van Dauby

Our years of experience also mean you can be sure that our tiles are quality products.

That is because Dauby only works with natural materials such as White Bronze, Matt White Bronze, Raw Bronze, Raw Bronze Polished, Aged Iron and Raw Metal. Each and every one truly timeless materials.

As always, these are manufactured authentically, cast in sand moulds and finished by hand. The result is that every piece is unique, with a luxury look: pure class and craftsmanship!

Give your creativity free rein

The versatile nature of Pure® Tiles means they can be perfectly integrated into your interior, whatever its style. The metallic and bronze tiles can be used in a variety of motifs or patterns, in the same colour or mixed up.

How do you fancy a checkerboard or a diagonal strip for extra spaciousness? Choose particular features or just one single feature in a contrasting colour? Should you grout your tiles or not? The choice is yours!

Tegelmix - Project Graaf Der Horst
Zott – Wöss & Aichinger : Picture ; Eckhart Matthäus

The Pure® Tiles are also sustainable, seamlessly matching one of the interior trends for 2020. Not just a passing trend or a whim, then, but something that will give you pleasure for years to come.

Keep your metallic or bronze tiles looking good

Like all Pure® materials, Pure®Tiles have a living finish. This means that the material will develop a patina over the most commonly used areas.

These metallic and bronze tiles are also very easy to look after. Just clean the tiles regularly with a soft, damp cloth and a bit of vinegar. N.B.: remove stains immediately. Stubborn stains can be removed immediately with acetone

Looking for more information about fitting and maintaining the Pure® Tiles collection? See our technical data sheet.

Zwarte tegels in verouderd ijzer

You can always check out our online catalogue for more inspiration about using metallic and/or bronze tiles in your interior. Give your creative spirit free rein!

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