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Already considered brass for your interior? Our innovative, new collection, exclusively in unvarnished brass, combines the best of both worlds; tried and trusted and new models in a contemporary and luxurious new look. With, of course, the quality you have come to expect from Dauby. You are sure to fall in love with the CDL-collection from Dauby!

Why brass?

A chic appearance and that extra something in your interior; brass has been adored by interior enthusiasts for many years. And it makes sense, because the matt gold tint is perfect for combining with today’s trendy colours. Furthermore, it also creates warmth and atmosphere, and is perfect in both Scandinavian and rustic interiors.

Brass is contemporary and modern right now, and is sure to become indispensable in the future. The copper alloy is sustainable (easy to recycle), bacteria resistant (hello post-COVID!), and can also be used in damp areas. So, perfect for integrating in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Créations De Laiton meubelbeslag in messing - Country reeks

The Créations de Laiton collection

Créations de Laiton (CDL) came about as a result of an increasing demand for sleek, original brass models in window, door and furniture fittings.

The CDL-collection, a brand new collection in unvarnished brass, was then created together with renowned interior designers. The collection comprises door, window, furniture and security fittings. The brass is cast, according to ancient tradition, in sand moulds and then finished entirely by hand. Every piece is carefully crafted to be unique. The unvarnished brass ensures that the fittings become even more beautiful over time and gives the products a characteristic living finish.

The CDL-collection comprises 2 lines: Country and City, each with its own look & feel. The Country-line, for example, includes classic, well-known models, while the emphasis in the City-line lies on the sleeker look. Ergonomic comfort and perception are hereby showcased.

CDL, in other words, is a comprehensive collection that ranges from rustic, sleek rustic and classic, to the emerging art-deco and minimalistic style.

The CDL-collection is a response to the emerging brass trend and is perfect in any interior!

CDL Country

The CDL country line comprises designs from the Créations du Fer (CDF)-collection, known for its classic models for more rustic interiors. It is a trusted concept, but reworked and given a brass makeover. The Country-line fits in with the rustic style or more romantic interiors where everything must be beautifully finished, down to the tiniest details. The CDL Country-line is also perfect in modern homes with warm, robust elements, such as oak. It adds an elegant, timeless touch to your interior.

Créations De Laiton deurbeslag in messing - Country reeks

CDL City

The CDL City-line is another brand new collection of sleek models that is unique in its kind. The City-line was designed by interior designers and offers standardised models that showcase geometric simplicity and harmony.

It includes understated models with a comfortable and ergonomic design. The collection is a delight for both the hands and eyes. The CDL City-line is crying out to be touched. And every use confirms that touch is an important aspect of the overall experience.

Or, as Le Corbusier explained: “When hands are drawn towards sculpture and architecture, and their form is inherently touchable, both are successful.”

The CDL City with brass is a genuine experience in your interior!

Créations De Laiton meubelbelsag

Completely sold on the concept, and can’t wait to see the brass Créations de Laiton in the flesh? Contact us for more information or to make an appointment. From 2022, you will find the full collection in our price list and in a separate catalogue.

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