Stephanie Van Mechelen

Did you know that you don’t need over-complicated, technical interventions to add a little depth to your home?

More often than not, small touches, such as the use of different window, door and furniture fittings, are most effective when it comes to creating the wow-factor in an everyday interior?

Would you like to know how to get to work with various types of window, door and furniture fittings? We have summarised the best insider-tips for you!

Different materials for window and door fittings

The time when your door fittings had to be the same as your window fittings is long gone.

Anyone who wants to create a genuinely original interior will focus on different window and door fittings and experiment with various models. On our project page, you can find a few clear examples.

But be careful! 10 different materials and designs may be a little over-enthusiastic so make sure you make considered choices!

To start with, choose 2 to 3 different materials and designs to work with and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which window and door fittings would I most like to see?
  • Which style am I using for my interior?

For a luxurious finish, you could choose our Raw Polished Bronze or White Bronze styles.

Are you thinking about a more industrial interior? Then check out the options in Raw Metal, Aged Iron or Raw Bronze.

PQ-RM industrial design Dauby.

Consider the functionality and the desired finish too: Rough Bronze will develop a patina and offer a trendy living finish, while white bronze will always look chic.

Be aware that certain combinations of door and window fittings work better than others. Materials with warm tones such as Rough Polished Bronze will look great with warm copper shades and gold coloured accessories. In general, black goes well with everything!

The various options with furniture fittings

You don’t need to choose a different type of fitting for each piece of furniture to create depth in your home. You can add a personal touch to your interior by choosing one type of furniture fitting for all of your furniture and then adding subtle touches with window and door fittings.

If you are struggling to choose which furniture fittings are most suitable, make your choice on the basis of an existing item in your interior. Do you have your heart set on knobs or handles in Raw Bronze on your kitchen units? Choose these and then go for a contrasting material to balance it out.

Need a little inspiration? Matte shades contrast well, for example, with chrome or other clear tones.


Placement of window, door and furniture fittings

When choosing and installing your various types of window, door and furniture fittings, always try to maintain a visual balance. Adding a little personality to your interior is not the same as creating chaos.

Just like choosing a limited number of materials, you are advised to maintain a considered line when it comes to installation. This means that you should choose various materials according to the corresponding installation positions.

Here are a few examples:

  • Think about specific horizontal or vertical lines that you could follow or which might help to divide the room into smaller spaces.
  • Choose a specific design for your cabinet knobs at eye-level and another for the lower units.
  • Use a different material for the island in your kitchen than for the rest of the room.

And don’t forget to include the window and door fittings in this quest to achieve balance!

Finally, you could also include kitchen and bathroom accessories in your style plan. Our Pure® Plus range offers something for everyone!

Want your accessories to add that extra something or create balance within the overall look? Then let your accessories give the subtle touch you’re looking for. This could include a towel rail with hooks or knobs. And don’t forget the smallest room: toilet accessories which contrast with your door fittings? Do it!


For a clear overview of our different materials and the designs in our collections, you are welcome to check out or discover them with your own eyes in our showroom!

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