Stephanie Van Mechelen - 01/06/2018 - 01 June 2018

Are you really into retro and antique? In that case, Dauby’s retro door fittings surely are the right choice to provide your interior doors and furniture with an authentic look. But for the exterior doors and windows, security and durability are at least as important as aesthetics!

Burglars have no chance with our safety fittings

Burglars usually succeed by attacking the cylinder in the lock. Step 1 is therefore replacing it with a security cylinder. Besides, door fittings (or door roses) are too often regarded as merely the finishing of the door lock… But don’t you worry: resistant and secure door fittings combined with a security lock make for the anti-burglary dream team!

Door fittings are in the first place a necessary protection against the manipulation of the cylinder. For exterior doors we have the so-called security fittings that protect the cylinder from external influences. The door fittings are drilled through the lock and are attached on the inside of the door. This way, burglars are unable to remove them from the outside and the cylinder remains protected against any manipulation.

Combine security with design

Security is of vital importance for the door fittings of exterior doors, but must it affect its appearance? Of course not! Dauby offers a wide range of security roses with a retro or “aged” look. This way, you can keep a unique decoration style without worrying about the burglary security of your door fittings!

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