Belgian company DAUBY launches PURE TILES, a unique, luxury range of metal tiles.

Dauby works exclusively with natural materials such as bronze, white bronze, silver-plated white bronze, Britannia metal and cast iron – in short, beautiful, timeless materials. All products manufactured by Dauby are cast the traditional way, in sand moulds, and then finished by hand. Pure Tiles, the new metal times, complement the Dauby range, offering the same luxurious, timeless quality.

Traditional method

Buying and furnishing a home demands a great deal of time and attention, and the details are no exception. A door or a window takes on just the right look only if it has the right handles and latches. Whether you’re looking for warmth and cosiness or a more austere design, Dauby has a wide range of high-quality door, window and furniture fittings to suit every taste and every style.

Dauby makes all its products the authentic way. They are cast in sand moulds and then finished by hand. This is an age-old method dating back to around 3,000 BC. Each article is made using the traditional method and over time takes on a natural and increasingly attractive patina. The older it is, the lovelier the item will look.

Different materials

In the same spirit, Dauby has now also developed a collection of metal tiles. They radiate pure luxury, giving undeniable added value to your interior. The tiles are available as squares (10 x 10 cm) or rectangles (10 x 20 cm) and in 6 versions :

  • Aged Iron (VO)
  • White Bronze (WB)
  • Satin White Bronze (WBS)
  • Raw Bronze (RB)
  • Raw Metal (RM)
  • Raw Bronze Polished (RBG)

Because Dauby leaves nothing to chance, the tiles can also be given a personalised touch in terms of colour and design. The tiles can be decorated with a drawing, image or logo chosen by the owner. This is applied in relief and immediately lends the entire wall a personal touch that makes your home even more unique.

These tiles are also made using the traditional process in a sand mould and then finished by hand. Minor imperfections emphasise the characteristic look.

The tiles are extremely easy to maintain and are best cleaned using a soft, damp cloth. Spots of grease and scale can be removed using a soft cloth and a bit of vinegar. It is best to avoid acidic or aggressive cleaning products.


Ambience photos



Raw Bronze (RB)

Raw Bronze is the purest form of bronze, an alloy of copper and tin.

Raw Bronze is both colour-fast and corrosion free, so it doesn’t require a protective layer. This rough form of bronze comes with warm, copper-like colours. To offer the bronze in the Pure® collection its rough look, a special technique was developed. The casting remains are removed, but the item is not polished. After some time, the bronze will have a shiny look, since the metal will be polished naturally.

Color variation
Slight shine
With frequent use, you will naturally polish the material and create a slight shine.

White Bronze (WB)

White Bronze is a bronze alloy. Part of the copper is replaced by tin and zinc. The result is an elegant, silvery colour. This material is both colour-fast and corrosion free and does not need a protective layer. Because of the natural oxidation, a matte patina will cover the surface of the item and subtle colour differences will become visible.

Color variation
A slight matt patina
Silver polish

Satin White Bronze (WBS)

Satin White Bronze is a bronze alloy with the same composition as White Bronze. But instead of polishing the rough material, as would be the case with White Bronze, it is tumbled and finished by hand. The special production process that was developed for the Pure® collection guarantees a beautiful matte patina. It’s the ideal alternative if you like White Bronze, but prefer a matte finish.

Color variation
Slight shine
With frequent use, you will naturally polish the material and create a slight shine.

Raw Bronze Polished (RBP)

Raw Bronze Polished is the polished version of Raw Bronze and has a shiny and smooth coppercoloured surface. After a while, it will start to patinate. The final result will be a matte, warm form of
Bronze. Polished Raw Bronze items are only available on demand, so bear in mind there is a delivery time to be taken into account.

Color variation
A darker matt (brown) patina
Copper polish

Raw Metal (RM)

Raw Metal is corrosion free, so it doesn’t need a protective layer. This alloyhas a dark grey, concrete-like and industrial look. The rough look is achieved during the finishing phase, when the item is taken out of its sand mould: the casting remains are removed, but the object is not polished. After some time, the metal will have a slightly shiny look, since it will be polished naturally when using the item.

Color variation
Slight shine / color
With frequent use, you will naturally polish the material and create a slight shine.

Aged Iron (VO)

The Aged Iron line of the Pure® collection is inspired by cast iron, a material that was commonlyused a long time ago.
One of the general ideas behind the Pure® concept is to create a collection of items made of maintenance-free materials, so a high-quality corrosion resistant alloy with the look and feel of aged iron was developed.
The black layer of lacquer of Pure’s Aged Iron line is applied by means of electrolysis. And although there’s no such thing as a completely scratch free coating, this technique does guarantee a perfect adhesion. The natural weathering of the Aged Iron gives the product its authentic look.

Dauby uses a coating of exceptional quality that is very strong, but no coating is completely scratch-resistant. A weathered look gives your product an authentic character!

Color variation
Weathered look

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