Dauby launches its Pure® Curtain Collection, a collection of artisanal curtain accessories.

Even the smallest detail of your home interior has to be perfect. Selecting the right curtains isn’t easy, but what about the accessories to fix them with? You can’t just hang the perfect curtain on any curtain rod, can you? Dauby can help! We recently launched Pure® Curtains, a collection of traditional curtain rods and accessories made of four authentic materials.

Make sure you pay enough attention to your home interior, especially to the finishing touches. Sadly enough, a lot of people tend to forget to add these final elements that make a home interior picture perfect. It’s important to take them into account when drawing up the planning (and the budget), so you won’t have to use inferior materials. Because beauty lies in the details. The details will determine the look and feel of a home interior. Always make sure you pay extra attention to the central spaces in your home.

Pure® Curtains now offers you the possibility to add a high-quality finishing touch to your home interior. The natural materials will add authenticity. Every product in this collection is available in Aged Iron, White Bronze, Wrought Iron and Rust, so they’ll match the rest of your door and furniture fittings.

These robust rods can also be installed in your wardrobe or, why not, in your kitchen, to hang up pots and pans.


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Black (N)

The cast iron is lacquered with a layer of black epoxy. This layer can be damaged in use, but can be repainted with a coat of black paint suitable for cast iron.

Color variation

White Bronze (WB)

White Bronze is a bronze alloy. Part of the copper is replaced by tin and zinc. The result is an elegant, silvery colour. This material is both colour-fast and corrosion free and does not need a protective layer. Because of the natural oxidation, a matte patina will cover the surface of the item and subtle colour differences will become visible.

Color variation
A slight matt patina
Silver polish

Iron (FP)

Cast iron products are protected against corrosion by applying a coat of varnish. Unfortunately, a coat of varnish gives inadequate protection for outdoor use and is subject to wear. For outdoor use we advise that cast iron be regularly varnished with a clear mat varnish.

Color variation
More matt

Rust (RC)

Cast iron is naturally rusted, brushed and treated with dark beeswax.Since rusting is a natural process, the rust effect may sometimes differ. By using dark beeswax, it is possible to obtain a beautiful, even effect. Where there are large differences in colour, it is necessary to repeat this procedure several times and let the beeswax dry properly.As with wood, the fitting must be maintained regularly in outdoor use. A layer of beeswax forms a film and will counteract further oxidation.

Color variation
Rust through
Polish with beeswax, polishing wax or vaseline

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