Exclusive custom products!

The Fama Artwork collection is a collection of custom products which you can entirely compose yourself.

Artwork stands for the perfect mix between technological knowledge and traditional handmade products, intertwined with the three criteria of a work of art: harmony, intensity and continuity. And the designer makes the difference with his added value!

The balance between machine and traditional production by means of the sand casting technique is what the Fama Artwork collection is all about.

Create your own custom handle, grip or furniture knob.

In close collaboration with the customer, the door, window and furniture fittings are made-to-measure, even if the client isn’t ordering in large quantities. The materials used are bronze, brass and aluminum.

The design, measurements, material and finish are entirely your choice! The needs of the customer and the finish of the product will determine the level of interaction between machine and traditional production.

This collection was created for designers and architects who are looking for custom creations with a certain flexibility that will allow them to turn their designs into exclusive products.




Ambience photos

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