Créations de Laiton (CDL), the latest collection from Dauby in unvarnished brass.

City line & Country line

Within the CDL collection, you have the sleek City line and the more classic Country line. CDL is genuinely at home in every interior style, including rustic, sleek-rustic, classic and even the rapidly emerging Art Deco and minimalistic style.

What makes this collection so unique?

  • unvarnished brass
  • beautiful patina
  • suitable for all interior styles
  • full range

You will find both robust and delicate furniture pulls. From furniture knobs, door and window fittings, to the handles for your front door and even security fittings. So you can apply the same style throughout your home. With everything in unvarnished brass, so that your fittings acquire a beautiful patina over time.

The brass is cast in sand moulds using an ancient technique, and then each piece is finished by hand.


Ambience photos

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